Amazing America 2 – Fighting Recession – American Way

Here’s how our great country the United States of America is fighting the recession.

* Stop paying for the funerals of 10,000 poor people (Illinois state)

* Considering release of prisoners early (proposal in California)

* Adding taxes on cellphone ringtones (Kentucky)

* Throwing billions at desi butcher Vikram Pandit’s Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan Stanley, GM, Chrysler et al (federal bailout)

* Cut health insurance for young children (under consideration in California)

* Firing government employees (several states)

* Cutting benefits for government employees (several states)

* Sell state parks (under consideration in New Hampshire)

* Firing teachers (some states)

* Reducing library hours (several states)

* And most important of all by hiking pay and promising record bonuses to the motherfu**ing bankers who landed us all in this unholy mess.

God Bless America.

One Response to "Amazing America 2 – Fighting Recession – American Way"

  1. ghani   June 23, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    freaking with Indi’s GreenCard dreams !

    whats up with Obama, no speeches lately.
    feeling exhausted, may be. Responds:

    Obama held a press conference today.

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