Incredible India 29; Pregnant, Hammer the Bitch

Here comes the 29th episode of Incredible India.

*Got hammered has a different meaning in India these days. Nothing to do with Sri Lankan bowlers being hammered by Indian batsman MS Dhoni. You see, hammered has taken on a literal meaning now. A pregnant woman in North India had her head hammered with a nail by her errant husband. Not content with such ‘caring’ treatment, the ‘loving’ husband then abandoned her. No kidding.

* Six pregnant women died in a Madhya Pradesh government hospital in a span of 15 hours. Go figure.

* Pregnant and poor in India? Start praying. A pregnant woman was recently refused help at three government hospitals in Bangalore.

* Who says Indian uncles don’t love their nieces? A pregnant woman constable was allegedly stabbed to death by her paternal uncle after she married again following the death of her first husband.

* No sooner did the Indian courts outlaw Section 377 than Indian boys have started heading to the temples. Oh no, not to thank the lord. But to tie the knot. Here’s a short account of Jeeta and Amit, who went to the Shirdi temple in Chandigarh.

* Whoever knew that Afghanistan (one of the few countries in the world worse than India) had an Army Chief? Thanks to the clowns at India’s Press Information Bureau, who put out some of the zaniest press releases, we now do. Hooray, General Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, Chief of General Staff of Afghan National Army is on a four days official visit to India and will ‘discuss various contemporary issues’ with senior Indian military and civilian defence officers. Wonderful. Next, we’ll be ‘discussing contemporary issues’ with the Army Chiefs of Nauru and Tuvalu.

3 Responses to "Incredible India 29; Pregnant, Hammer the Bitch"

  1. kennedy   July 9, 2009 at 6:50 am

    more stuff for incredible india….
    check out… Responds:

    Thanks. 🙂

    We like the way the Indian media reports these incidents. Pl see this excerpt from above link:

    According to the police, the incident took place on Wednesday night at Padiyavali under Madarak police station here, after the boy was allegedly found in an objectionable position with a girl belonging to the same village [emphasis added].

    Boy was allegedly found in an objectionable position with a girl…Wonder which objectionable position ha ha ha. 😉

    Even if the boy was found in an objectionable position with a girl, why should his mother be stripped. Weird logic…looks like caste power-play at work.

    BTW, we’ve had the Khuda Ke Liye DVD for more than a week now. We’ll try to watch it today.

  2. kennedy   July 13, 2009 at 6:51 am

    ‘objectionable position’ : lol..still trying to configure.
    The logic word does not seem to affect indian minds..atleast to some of the f**k faces.
    Time to grow for india.Sick of the culture word used jus for sake of curbing girls who also want to enjoy life…
    High time…
    Well do write about khuda ke liye…
    Hey i remember a scene from movie ‘haasil’…Irrfan khan does a splendid job in that…In that particular scene the girl (Hrishita bhatt) runs from her house and irrfan was to marry her on the same evening.He gives a warning that he ll come and if doen’t finds bride then he ll marry the bride’s mother.I narrated it like shit and in context that this scene too depicts that the powerful tends to take the revenge if he is offended..the mother of the boy was probably stripped coz of this n indeed a weird logic…If u have not seen this see it..the best work of irrfan till date…also maqbool was one his best…n the list goes on… Responds:

    Added Haasil to our Netflix queue. Should get it in a few days.

  3. Albert Camus   July 13, 2009 at 11:04 am

    where does this belong? Responds:


    Maybe, our 13-year-old thambi (kid brother) was in the pool at the same time. 😉

    What’s the name of the Egyptian hotel again? 😉

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