Blacks are More Obese than Whites

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms what we’ve noticed for several years – Blacks and Hispanics in America tend to be more obese compared to Whites.

The CDC study found Blacks have 51% higher prevalence of obesity compared to Whites. As for our amigos, Hispanics had 21% higher obesity prevalence compared with Whites

In 40 states, obesity prevalence among blacks was found to be 30% or higher. Worse, in five of those states, Alabama, Maine, Mississippi, Ohio, and Oregon, obesity prevalence among blacks was 40% or higher.

Here’s a look at prevalence of obesity among all states and the District of Columbia for the three major ethnic groups in America:

* Blacks 23%-45.1%

* Hispanics 21%-36.7%

* Whites  9%-30.2%

So why are Blacks fatter than Whites?

Based on our observation, we tend to see more blacks in fast-food places like Mac, Burger King, KFC and the like. For the most part, these fast-food places do not serve healthy food and offer junk food whose prolonged consumption tends to cause obesity in cusomers.

According to Liping Pan, lead author of the study and epidemiologist:

We know that racial and ethnic differences in obesity prevalence are likely due to both individual behaviors, as well as differences in the physical and social environment. We need a combination of policy and environmental changes that can create opportunities for healthier living.

What about India? Are people from some groups/castes/geographical areas more obese than others?

3 Responses to "Blacks are More Obese than Whites"

  1. gnair91   July 17, 2009 at 6:32 am

    have you seen the documentary Super Size Me? Responds:

    Yes, we have.

    Decent one.

    The protagonist in the documentary is White. Is that what you are hinting at?

  2. Albert Camus   July 17, 2009 at 11:53 am

    Even among blacks, the females seem to be more obese than the males.. the males are either super-fit or really obese.. the skinny black male is a rare species. Responds:

    True, very true.

  3. boopalanj   July 18, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    SI are likely to be part of the pie, after a series of visits to restaurants and review 😉 Responds:

    SI is now in pursuit of the holy grail – Fine Indian Sapad (food).

    BTW, we purchased Michael Madana Kamarajan today in VA.

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