Give ‘Em Hell, Barack

Tonight, our President Barack Obama gives one of the most important speeches of our era as he takes on the motherf***ing quarter of America’s doctors, insurance companies and hospitals and their pimps in Congress (the Republican Congressmen and Senators) in an address to a joint session of Congress at 8PM ET.

We’ve endured enough nonsense these last few months with all this Republican baloney about Death Panels, Socialized Medicine and such unadulterated garbage.

Talking with Doctors, Insurance Companies and their Republican pimps/lobbyists is a frigging waste of time.

Time to move ahead and stop all this cockamamie nonsense of bipartsanship. It hasn’t worked so far and won’t work with callous pigs, who see only $$$.

There are reports that Obama will not insist on a Public Option. If that is true, it’d be a collossal blunder.

Tragedy Worsens
Folks, there are 75 million uninsured and underinsured people in this country.

People are dying because of inaffordability of medical care and/or going bankrupt because of sky-high bills and the refusal of insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.

The tragedy deepens every day.

As Obama has repeatedly said, 14,000 Americans lose their medical insurance everyday.

There’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that America’s doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms and their Republican bootlicking pimps have a lot of blood on their hands.

Do not ever believe the fiction that Emergency Rooms in America provide medical care to people without insurance. That’s absolute nonsense.

We will update this post after the President’s address.

As always, Obama delivered a fine speech, unveiled his healthcare plan and dispelled the Republican scaremongering.

As Obama outlined in his speech, his healthcare reform plan will meet three basic goals:

* Provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance
* Provide insurance to those who don’t
* Slow the growth of healthcare costs for families, businesses and government

Talking about the urgent need for healthcare reform in the U.S., Obama said:

I’m not the first President to take up this cause but I’m determined to be the last.

But it’s distressing to us that Obama seems to be weakening on the public option with his talk of an insurance exchange. That, in our view, is a mistake.

Although Obama did mention a public option within the insurance exchange later in his speech, the feeling one gets is that Obama is unwilling to push strongly for a public option.

And that is so distressing.

There are, of course, some positives in Obama’s plan like making it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, to drop coverage or water down coverage when you fall sick and need insurance the most, insurance companies will no longer be allowed to cap the coverage you get in a year or in a lifetime and there will be a limit on out of pocket expenses.

Let’s see what Congress now does with Obama’s plans for it’s ultimately the House and Senate that have to pass the Health Care Reform legislation.

As for us, we’ll not be satisfied with nothing less than Medicare for All. Everything else is merely tinkering around the edges.

3 Responses to "Give ‘Em Hell, Barack"

  1. ajayrocks   September 10, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    does obama do anything else except smooth talking? Responds:

    Well, the Black man has been in the White House for less than eight months.

    Let’s give him some more time and see what he does before yelling Nigger took my purse.

  2. mogambo   September 10, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    All the heckles and catcalls from the Republicans reminded me of the “Question hour” in the British House of Commons.

    As for being a smooth talker, this President certainly is a master of rhetoric. But then, a U.S. President can’t do much more than inspire, exhort, cajole and perhaps arm-twist the lawmakers into enacting laws, for Congress is the body that enacts laws (except for executive orders). Unfortunately, the Congress has a mind of its own (a slow one) and expecting it to act fast is like expecting a eighty-year old grandma (or grandpa) to sprint in a 100 m race. Responds:

    1. You write: All the heckles and catcalls from the Republicans…

    What a disgrace.

    The Republicans not only do not contribute any ideas for the public good but serve effectively as stumbling blocks when others try to do some good to the public.

    Joe Wilson (the Republican Congressman who heckled Obama) is a disgrace. But then he’s a footsoldier of a disgraceful organization – the Republican Party.

    2. You write: Unfortunately, the Congress has a mind of its own

    Alas, if only Congressmen had a mind.

    The only two things these clowns have done effectively are 1. gerrymander the electoral districts to make mounting a challenge and dislodging incumbents a herculean if not impossible task. 2. bask in the attention of self-serving lobbyists and other vested interests.

  3. COSMOSGroup   September 10, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    You write with a style of animosity and bitterness on all subjects across the board and can be very offensive at times in terms of norms of decencey.

    I humbly suggest you can bring across the objective of what you are trying to say in a more professional and pleasant manner. This style you bring across is present in all areas and subjects, including your About Us. This is not a criticism, but positive input. You cover a wide market place with your Blog Portal which is the source of your Blog Revenues. You should consider your Audience in this context. Responds:

    1. Thank you for your ‘positive input.’

    Maybe your experience is different but much of what we encounter is trash.

    Should the circumstance demand it, we do not hesitate to lavish praise, be it a movie or a restaurant.

    Take for instance Kaminey or Madras Woodlands or Sapthagiri.

    2. You write: You cover a wide market place with your Blog Portal which is the source of your Blog Revenues. You should consider your Audience in this context.

    Are you suggesting that we put revenues above all.

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