Amazing America 4 – Harvard Idiots Lose $11b in 1yr

Lo, here comes the fourth edition of Amazing America.

* The highly compensated idiots at Harvard Management Company, which manages Harvard University’s endowment by investing in a variety of assets, have lost nearly $11 billion in the last fiscal year ended June 30.

In Fiscal Year 2009, almost every asset class did badly and the value of Harvard’s endowment shrunk to $26 billion from $36.9 billion on June 30, 2008.

Harvard Management Company said that the return on investments managed by it was 27.3% during Fiscal Year 2009.

Harvard Management Company CEO Jane Mendillo whined about the ‘extreme uncertainty in our economy and a level of volatility and dysfunction in many types of investment’ for the debacle. Bozo, the executives at Harvard Management Company are paid lavishly to navigate such turbulent storms. So, stop offering excuses and learn to do your job.

* Republican scumbag Congressman Joe Wilson is begging for donations in the same video in which he apologizes for calling President Obama a liar!

Is this the new definition for chutzpah or what.

* Eight years after 9/11, despite all the macho rhetoric of hunting down the pepetrators we still have not been able to nab Osama Bin Laden, the architect of the terror attack on that fateful day.

Wonder what the bozos at the CIA and our other security agencies do all day. Guess, they must be playing pocket billiards with their peckers.

* In the latest Republican sex scandal, California state assemblyman Mike Duvall had to resign after boasting of extramarital sexual trysts on an open microphone.

Larry Craig, John Ensign, Mark Sanford and now Mike Duvall, God the Republican cup of sexual woes overfloweth.

Did someone say the Republican Party is the party of family values?

Ha ha ha.

God Bless America!

One Response to "Amazing America 4 – Harvard Idiots Lose $11b in 1yr"

  1. yourmate   September 14, 2009 at 11:31 am

    Did u see the demonstration against the proposed healthcare bill? I do not know what the guys were thinking? I am definitely sure none of them would have watched Micheal Moore’s Sicko. Responds:

    You write: Did u see the demonstration against the proposed healthcare bill?


    The nut-cases must have been bused in by the insurance companies, Republican Party or other vested interests. Or they are complete idiots if they came to DC on their own dime to ‘stage’ that protest.

    A lot of White rage (the crowd in DC was almost entirely White) against Obama is racist.

    Many Whites still believe Blacks ought to be restricted to the outhouse and have no access to the White House.

    BTW, here’s the Sicko review.

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