Bravo, Sam Pitroda

National Knowledge Commission Chairman Sam Pitroda has sounded a prescient lament about the Indian health system going the way of the unaffordable U.S. system.

Very timely warning, folks.

Here’s an excerpt of Pitroda’s speech from the Hindu:

National Knowledge Commission chief Sam Pitroda on Wednesday said that the Indian health system was going the “highly unaffordable American way” and suggested going back to roots to provide cheap healthcare benefits to those at the bottom of the social pyramid.

“India needs to find a new health model, we are drifting towards an increasingly expensive US model,” Pitroda, the principal advisor to the Prime Minister on Infrastructure, Innovation and Information, said.

“The way we are heading, we will not be able to meet the healthcare needs of the poor,” he said at a CII conference here. Mr. Pitroda voiced concern that India was going the “highly unaffordable American way” in healthcare.

One Response to "Bravo, Sam Pitroda"

  1. shuaib68   October 7, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    It’s the “specialist” guys that make everything go up & up like the speculators in the New York oil market who pushed the oil prices that skyrocketted and finally came down crashing bringing down the entire world economy.

    UAE medical costs are nearly at American level. That’s why even the UAE nationals goes to places like Thailand/Singapore/India for treatments where costs are seemed somewhat cheaper and reliable. Responds:

    1. Medical costs at places like Mexico and Poland are still cheap.

    But Mexico City is plagued by crime.

    2. As for the oil prices, the only solution is public transportation.

    But since when has sane voices ever found favor with the morons!

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