Miss Universe’s New Film Universally Screwed

Movie critics are heaping scorn on former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen’s new Bollywood film Dulha Mil Gaya.

Here’s what a sample of critics have to say on the Sushmita-Fardeen Khan film that debuted today:


[A] familiar retread that offers little laughter or entertainment.

….Dulha Mil Gaya is regressive and stale. The most creative aspect of the film are the characters names- apart from Shimmer, we have a flamboyantly gay cook named Lotus and a butler named Valentine.

…the only highlights in this film are in Fardeen Khan’s hair.


Unfortunately, DMG reminded me of a film which keeps taxiing down the runway but never really takes off.

….the film keeps plodding its way towards a dreary, predictable end.

All the characters in the film are flat and one-dimensional.

….Sushmita Sen seems to be earning more and more flak for herself these days. This is probably her worst performance till date, maybe with the exception of Zindaggi Rocks. The verve and the zest … seem to have disappeared. The same eyes …  now emanate a sense of fatigue and boredom.


As you settle down for what will be a very long three hours, you hope that some cinematic miracle will make this film bearable. But of course, that is hoping for too much.

….This is one of those films that deserve to be watched at home with friends and a few beers during a “bad movie marathon”. Avoid it in all other circumstances.

Hindustan Times:

Dullard Mil Gaya

India Today:

I suppose it’s funny to see Sushmita talking to her dog, Bozo, and kiss its miniature; or blow kisses to her invisible audience; or even behave like the eternal Miss Universe. But hey, that crown was in 1994. Grow up, please, Sushmita. Start acting. And do something less formulaic than “Indian girls rishte nibhana jaant hain” (Indian girls know how to keep up relationships). Grrr.

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  1. guruprasad.s   January 8, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Please post a similar collection of comments for Pyaar Impossible, which is supposed to have been written (lifted from Notting Hill) by Uday Chopra.

    What a tragedy for Yash Raj and Yash Chopra himself, that his kid hasnt inherited an iota of filmmaking nous from his dad (Waqt, Deewar, Silsila).

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    You write: Please post a similar collection of comments for Pyaar Impossible

    Ask and it shall be granted – Pyaar Impossible – Junk, Say Critics

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