Carried Away – Boy, We Loved This Lolita Tale

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The Netflix summary of the 1996 film Carried Away describes lead actor Dennis Hopper’s performance in the film as a tour de force.

Let’s see if the film lives up to the hyperbole.

Besides Dennis Hopper, the 1 hour-48 minutes movie features Amy Locane, Amy Irving, Julie Harris and Hal Holbrook.

We are watching Carried Away by streaming the film via Netflix Instant Play.

Some 25 minutes into the movie, we can say this looks to be an interesting film.

Events in the movie play out far from the hustle of the cities in a relaxed rural setting sometime in the 1950s or maybe early 1960s.

You see, some of the characters  are still talking of the Korean War.

Oh, yes, our sexy gal Catherine Wheeler, horse-riding lover and daughter of a retired Major, has already joined the school.

So the fireworks should start soon. 😉

We’ll update this post after finishing the movie.


Boy, never has a girl looked more sexy than when 17-year-old Catherine (Amy Locane) stands in the middle of a desolate rural road leaning against the back of a run-down pickup truck, unbuttoning her white blouse, shoving her hands down the skirt into her twat and her face in the throes of deep desire.

Did we come?

We sure did, sweetie.

A 47-year-old teacher on the verge of losing his teaching job, his mother at death’s door and a steady girl friend his age gets carried away in a passionate affair with his 17-year-old seductively beautiful student with raging hormones.

Yeah, this is a kind of Lolita tale.

Only this one starts off on a haystack in a barn and ends on a fiery note in the same barn.

Dennis Hopper is unbelievably good as the crippled school-teacher who loves his devoted girlfriend Rosealee but yet can’t help himself when confronted with the beautiful body of Catherine.

Superb bit of acting. You can be certain we’re going to watch more of Hopper’s movies.

When the doctor catches the pair (Joseph and Catherine) in flagrante delicto, we got so excited that we had to rush upstairs and pour ourselves a big drink.

In one of the nice scenes (there are so many in this charming movie), Joseph (Dennis Hopper) tells his dying mother:

What can I say? I am a bad man. Sometimes it’s great fun to be bad.

Very true. 😉

If Dennis Hopper is amazing, the supporting cast is no less endearing.

Amy Locane as the seductress Catherine and Amy Irving as Rosealee Henson are superb.

After the movie, we were saddened to learn that Dennis Hopper has advanced prostate cancer and could pop off any day now. 🙁 recommends Carried Away.

There’s aplenty in this movie to titillate both the artistic and sensual parts of your self.

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