Critics Tear Badmaash Company to Shreds

Movie critics are hammering Yash Raj Films‘ new movie Badmaash Company.

In recent years,  Yash Raj Films has established a strong reputation for putting out trashy films and Badmaash Company doesn’t stray from that self-destructive course.

Here are excerpts from a sample of critics.


Badmaash Company is a proof that the Yash Raj Films formula is irrevocably broken.

The posturing stars, snazzy styling, foreign locations, plastic textures and necessary dash of family values simply can’t cut it anymore.

Badmaash Company is a staggeringly tedious film, which takes two hours and twenty three minutes to give us the moral science lesson that honesty is the best policy.


Packed with lazy clichés and convenient plot-holes, “Badmaash Company” is unforgivably long and insufferably boring. The acting — from all four leads — is nothing to speak of, and Sethi’s direction is amateurish to put it politely.

….Flogging the infamous Yash Raj Films formula of stylish costumes, gorgeous foreign locations and hip dance numbers, Sethi delivers a film that is entirely superficial and staggeringly dull. I’m going with one-and-a-half out of five for director Parmeet Sethi’s “Badmaash Company”. Unless you enjoy being punished, stay far away from this one.

Badmaash Company is the latest piece of shit to emerge from the Augean stables of Yash Raj Films.

Folks, we tried hard, really hard to come up with some redeeming feature in Badmaash Company.

Alas, we came a cropper.

No, no, no. A peek of that bimbo Anushka Sharma’s 34B (??) globes encased in a golden yellow itsy bitsy bikini or the generous display of her fair upper thighs was definitely not a turn-on.

By the way, if we really want to see some skin or tit-show of a sluttish-acting gal there are plenty of night-clubs and go-go girls in our area. Why head to a theater to see an inferior B-grade product!

At its most basic, Badmaash Company is a boring, predictable, moral tale of the importance of not resorting to devious means to make a quick buck.

The Telegraph:

A con film is allowed to be many things. It can be devoid of emotions. It can have a weak love story. It can have average acting. But one thing it just cannot be is stupid!

Like all Yash Raj Films movies which try to simplify and sugarcoat things, Parmeet Sethi’s directorial debut aims to be a con film for dummies. But it just ends up being very dumb. It talks about one big idea changing lives. Well, rest assured, Badmaash Company is not that big idea.

Sure, some of the critics may have a positive thing or two to say but overall the tone is negative.

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