Critics Tear Badmaash Company to Shreds

Movie critics are hammering Yash Raj Films‘ new movie Badmaash Company. In recent years,  Yash Raj Films has established a strong reputation for putting out trashy films and Badmaash Company doesn’t stray from that self-destructive course. Here are excerpts from a sample of critics. NDTV: Badmaash Company is a proof that the Yash Raj Films […]

Badmaash Company Review – Worth Missing

We may or may not have a soft corner for Shahid Kapoor. But we certainly don’t have a soft corner for garbage like Badmaash Company. No Redeeming Elements Badmaash Company is the latest piece of shit to emerge from the Augean stables of Yash Raj Films. Folks, we tried hard, really hard to come up […]