Thermos Nissan 14-Oz Travel Mug – Good Buy

(Primarily for our U.S. readers, who tend to tend to drive a lot more than Indian readers and are given to buying Coffee at rest areas and convenience stores).

After more than a decade of sticking around with our old, seen-better-days travel mug we decided to kiss it goodbye and buy a new one.

After a bit of research on our favorite online shopping site Amazon, we hit on the Thermos Nissan 14-Ounce Leak-Proof Insulated Travel Mug (do you folks in India buy things like flasks and mugs online. God, we’re so sloshed now that we can barely type).

The travel mug cost us $25.42 and since our purchase was over $25, we got free shipping.

We ordered the travel mug on May 24, 2010 and the postman delivered it yesterday, i.e. June 1.

After unpacking the travel mug, we rinsed it with cold and hot water and kept hot water inside it for a few hours to get rid of any possible bad odor (there were none actually).

This morning, we decided to give our mug a test.
Nissan Thermos Travel Mug

Thermos Nissan 14-Oz

At first, we couldn’t easily figure out how to drink from it. You see, the old mug had a clear opening in it while the new one had none. A quick check with the manual showed us that we needed to give the lid a 1/2-to-1-turn counter-clockwise. We suggest one-turn.

Voila, that was easy. Even we could handle that.

We drove down to a nearby Wawa convenience store (present in PA, DE, NJ, MD and VA) and purchased a French Vanilla flavored Kona Blend Coffee at 14:52 PM for 99-cents. Instead of using the store cup, we used our new Thermos Nissan travel mug.

Boy, was the Coffee hot. And today was a hot day too. 🙁

After purchasing the Coffee, we headed to the new Chinese restaurant at the strip-mall to pick up some Fried Rice (tastes good with Maggi Teekha Masala Spicy Chilli Sauce) and Lo Mein. Then we headed to the adjacent grocery store to pick up some Yoplait flavored Yogurt (we have a spoonful of Orange Creme Yoplait Yogurt, 5 for $3, in our mouth as we type this). And then to another grocery store to pick up some Seltzer Water for our evening drink with Gin. As we said earlier, we are more than a little high now.

By now, it was 15:39.

All the while, the Coffee in the travel mug was still very hot. Hey, the coffee in our old mug would barely stay hot for more than 15-20-minutes.

We came home a short while later. And kept sipping our Hot Coffee in the mug as we checked the comments on the SI blog.

More than two hours after we purchased the Coffee, holy cow, it was still hot.

The lid was tight and while the bottom of the mug didn’t fit smug in our car’s cup-holder the coffee didn’t spill one bit.

By the way, we haven’t tested the Thermos Nissan Travel Mug for cold drinks yet. One of these days, we we will and update this post.

But if like us, you are using the travel mug primarily for Hot Coffee you can’t go wrong with the Thermos Nissan 14-oz travel mug.

We strongly recommend it. As you can see in the above picture, it’s got a convenient handle too.

Worth the $25.42, folks.

Update (Sept. 27, 2011):

The other day the Thermos Nissan fell to the carpeted floor from the coffee table.

Even though the mug was nearly full, not a drop of coffee spilled on the carpet.

Sweet. 😉

3 Responses to "Thermos Nissan 14-Oz Travel Mug – Good Buy"

  1. முனிAndy   June 3, 2010 at 10:02 am

    This mug must be feeling lonely, so let me post something here..

    lowly India lost to lowly Zimbabwe two games in a row.. wowful (#1 ranking in Test cricket) to woeful in 180 days. I just checked the internet.. nobody has used wowful to woeful yet! Responds:

    1. If only we had Kapil Dev….Remember 1983?

    2. You write: nobody has used wowful to woeful

    Wowful sounds Tamil. Kinda like Vadivelu saying Escoose mi. 😉

    3. Don’t you use a Coffee Mug in the car or is thani (H2O) your elixir?

    • முனிAndy   June 3, 2010 at 11:03 am

      i wasn’t much into cricket in ’83 – all I remember from that year is that I woke up to the news where the first headline was “India has won the Prudential world cup”.. but I have read about that match (much) later on. Other things I know about that world cup was Srikkanth’s sparkling 38 off (by today’s standards horrible) 57 balls, Kapil’s great catch, Sandhu’s banana inswinger, Mohinder Amarnath’s tidy bowling.

      my older car has all kinds of stains.. on my (relatively) new van, it is mostly h2o.. i would like to take beer, but that’s not legal, I think.

      Watching Sam Stosur beating the fugly ladies of women’s tennis.. she took down Henin, Serena, Jankovic back-to-back-back and the epitome of fugliness (sorry Schiavone, if you are reading this) waits for her in the finals.. Refreshing to see some other than the freakin Europeans and monstrous Williams sisters performing well. Responds:

      Guess, our Shaniya oops Sania Mirza is still busy trying to titillate us with those tight dresses even as her tennis takes a back seat.

  2. gk   June 3, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Expanding the horizon with varying contents.

    Nice SI but could you write more about the US ? I wanna do my graduation there so is it possible to write articles about the US economy, cost of living, job opportunities, house rents and other stuffs to know about the country esp. for immigrants ? Responds:

    Will do.

    Right now, things suck here because the economy is in the toilet and there are no jobs. But hey, compared to that shit-hole India, any place (except that bigger shit-hole Pakistan, that is) shines any time.

    Crime is generally low here (notwithstanding the stray reports you read of some whacko with a gun mowing down 11 grandmas in a mall as they were slurping their Slurpees), food, accommodation and iPhones are cheap but hookers and college are not, drug-stores close early but liquor stores are open late and if you can make it here quickly, you’ll probably get a Green Card too because sooner or later Obama or his successor will pander to the screaming Hispanics and declare an amnesty for the Illegals (20 million already here and mostly Hispanics). And do try to learn Spanish because we have a lot of Press 1 for Spanish and Press 2 for English on the phone systems these days. Hasta mañana, amigo. 😉

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