Legend of 1900 & Edge of Heaven – Must Watch

* Edge of Heaven – Set in both Germany and Turkey, this is a lovely German-Turkish film (English subtitles) with a strong, engaging story.

When an old man accidentally kills his Turkish hooker-mistress in Germany, his university professor son is most upset by the incident and sets out for Turkey to locate the woman’s daughter and make amends.

But the movie is not merely about the young professor or his search for the young girl.

Directed by Faith Akin, this is a richly layered story with multiple characters and all round fine acting.

* Legend of 1900 – A lovely film with fine photography, bewitching music and top-class acting, all neatly wrapped in an unusual story of a young gifted pianist 1900 who’s never left the safe harbor of a large ship.

Yes, 1900’s never set foot on land even once.

We could tell you more but then we’d be robbing you of the joy of watching this delightful movie directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

Tim Roth in and as 1900 does a stellar job as does Pruitt Taylor Vince, who plays the trumpet and the friend of 1900.

As SI blog reader VJCool has rightly said, the piano-duel and the free-wheeling piano scenes alone are paisa vasool.

Here’s a fine line from the movie:

Land is a ship too big for me
– 1900 in the movie 1900

The ending was poignant and moving.

In case you are tempted, both movies are available on Netflix Instant Play.

Hey Abhi, Netflix has launched Instant Play in Canada now.

3 Responses to "Legend of 1900 & Edge of Heaven – Must Watch"

  1. abhi220   July 30, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Thanks. Need to figure out how the stuff works.
    Its a long weekend over here. Will watch both.
    The Lives Of Others(German) is a nice movie too.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    You write: Need to figure out how the stuff works.

    You need a Roku-like box.

    PlayStation, X-box, several Blu-ray players/home theater systems/some TV sets are all Netflix capable.

    For $9 (U.S.) a month, you can get some 20,000 movies/TV shows including Bollywood films such as DDLJ et al.

  2. vjcool   July 30, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    $9 a month! that’s cheap.They can have at least the instant play here.

    Theres another (fine) film called 1900, *ing Robert De Niro (i’ve not seen it) from the director of ‘The Last Emperor’ which is one great movie .. no surprise it won quite a few Oscars (9)

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. The Robert Redford-Gerard Depardieu movie looks interesting.

    Added to Netflix queue. But it’s only on DVD…so no instant gratification.

    2. You write: $9 a month! that’s cheap.They can have at least the instant play here.

    You need to have better broadband access in India for that plus unlimited access so that you don’t run over your limit with just one or two movies.


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