Pakistan – A Nation of Ungrateful Dogs

We’ve lost track of the billions our nation (i.e. the U.S.) hands out to Pakistan every year by way of aid.

Over the last several decades, billions and billions of our tax-payer dollars have flown into Pakistan in arms, flood relief, earthquake relief, health-care, food and other forms of U.S. aid far too numerous to recount.

Some media reports suggest that since 9/11 alone Pakistan has got $22.5 billion from the U.S. (Source: Newsweek, October 21, 2009). Surely, you’ll agree that’s a lot of money.

Alas, all for no avail.

Pak Hatred in Return for U.S. Dollars

And what do we (i.e., the U.S. tax-payers) get in return for the billions we send out as alms to those Paki swines?

Hatred, nothing but hatred from these wretched Paki curs.

You see, a majority of Pakistanis view us, the U.S. as nothing but an enemy.

According to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center, roughly six-in-ten Pakistanis (59%) consider the U.S., the enemy of their country and are concerned we could turn into a military threat to them. Just 11% of Pakis consider the U.S. their partner.

Ya Allah, is there a greater betrayal than this.

The Pew Research poll finds residents of Pakistan’s Punjab province to be far more likely than those in other regions to consider the U.S. an enemy of Pakistan. A distressingly high seven-in-ten (69%) in that province consider the U.S. their enemy compared with 52% in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 40% in Sindh province.

Here, all ye Americans look at the below table and cry your hearts out over the hatred for you from the Paki dogs in exchange for your money:

Pakistan Partner SurveySource: Pew Research, 2010

Pakis Choking on Chinese Dicks….And Loving It

Contrast the Pakistanis’ hatred toward the U.S. versus the extremely favorable attitude toward China.

In the same Pew Research poll, 84% of Pakistanis consider China their partner and only 2% think of the country as an enemy.

Now before we forget, 85% of Pakis have a favorable opinion of China.

Boy, it sure looks like the Pakis are choking on the Chinese dicks lodged deep in their throats and, boy, aren’t they loving it.

Move over Linda Lovelace for the Paki deep-throaters can take it in deeper than you ever could.

Also, most Pakis want U.S. and NATO troops to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.

Pakis Highly Unfavorable to U.S.

For all the billions we send them, some 68% of Pakistanis hold an unfavorable view of the U.S. and a mere 17% hold a favorable opinion of America.

* By the way, 66% of Indians hold a favorable attitude toward the U.S. Well, dumb as the Indians are they are at least infinitely more sensible than the Pakis.

Pakistan Survey ReportSource: Pew Research, 2010

Not just America the nation, Pakistanis hate Americans the people too.

The poll notes that six-in-ten (61%) hold a negative view of Americans, while just 18% express a positive opinion.

No Confidence in Obama

Our President Barack Obama is not a beloved man among the Pakis.

No sir. No. For the poll finds Obama receiving overwhelmingly low marks in Pakistan.

A piffling 8% express some confidence in the American president to do the right thing regarding world affairs, lower than in any of the other 21 countries surveyed in 2010.

According to the Pew Research findings, six-in-ten Pakistanis say they have little or no confidence in Obama while about a third (32%) are silent and do not offer an opinion.

Not Al Qaeda, Not Taliban but India, the Biggest Threat

Instead of the addressing the two big threats right in their midst like the Taliban whackos and the Al Qaeda jihadists, the Pakis are obsessed with India and consider their neighbor as their biggest threat.

Some 53% of Pakistanis consider India a very serious threat although India has been at the receiving end of Pak-backed terrorists sneaking into Mumbai, Kashmir and other parts of India to wreak their malicious, sadistic havoc at frequent intervals.

Kinda like Hitler expressing fear of the Jews after gassing them in the ovens at Treblinka, Dachau and Bergen-Belsen!

Pakistan Survey ReportSource: Pew Research, 2010

If you include the 21% who consider India a somewhat serious threat, then nearly three-fourths of Pakis consider India a serious threat.

But only 38% of Pakistanis feel Al Qaeda is a serious threat. Wonder what weed these jokers are smoking.

By the way, in some parts of Pakistan like the Punjab province, as high as 84% of the people misguidedly think India to be their most serious threat.

Pakistan Survey IndiaSource: Pew Research, 2010

Hard Question

Folks, it’s time for all Americans to to ask themselves a hard question.

Is it worth sending these Pakistani mongrels more billions when they make no secret of their hatred of the U.S.. Media reports and the WikiLeak files also reveal that Pakistan is working with the Taliban forces in Afghanistan against U.S. interests.

The answer is a clear, stentorian No.

If you agree with us, call your Congressman/Senator and ask him/her to stop the drain of precious U.S. tax-payer money to the ungrateful dogs a.k.a. Pakistanis.

Pew Research Center: Concern About Extremist Threat Slips in Pakistan

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  1. rama dasa   January 14, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    speaking of china,i was online today and found out that china is giving stappled visa’s to arunachal pradesh residents in an attempt to make it(arunachal) look like desputed territory just like kashmir,you can read thewhole story here: Responds:

    Yeah, saw that earlier.

    One fine day, they’ll issue stapled visas to all Indians. Making the whole country a disputed territory.

    With Pakis there’s at least the pipe-dream of whipping them one day but with China Indians only have the terror of when they’ll get whipped again, having already felt their sting in 1962.

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