Terribly Disappointed – Rajinikanth Not in 3 Idiots Remake; Life is Unfair, So Unfair

Folks, you have no idea how disappointed we are. 🙁

So disappointed that we started drinking at 3PM today. Poured ourselves a large Gilbey’s Gin with some Seltzer water a few minutes back.

Oh, you wanna know why?

A short while ago we discovered that Tamil film (mis)director Shankar of Enthiran infamy was remaking the Bollywood crap-show 3 Idiots in Tamil.

And horror of horrors, Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth does not feature as the hero. If this is not the acme of unfairness in the universe, pray, tell us what is!

After all, the man oops God i.e Rajinikanth is only in his 60s. The right age to play a student, who’s just entered the portals of college, opposite a young girl like Ileana in her 20s.

Ah, the dream of seeing Rajini paired opposite a nubile young lass (younger than his daughters) in the first blossom of youth is enough to set us drooling. 😉


According to media reports, the Tamil version of 3 Idiots will feature Joseph Vijay, Jiva and Siddharth. Ileana is said to play the role Kareena Kapoor essayed in the Hindi original.

How distressing that we’re deprived of seeing Rajinikanth romancing Ileana on the college grounds, on the beaches, on the bed et al.

Life sure is cruel!

Sob, sob.

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