Mynaa Review – Different but Not Great

We have a question for all ye schmucks.

Is there nothing more to life than love?

Movie after movie churned out by these Bollywood and Kollywood buffoons have love front and center.

A tiring idee fixe really. 🙁

Mynaa is no different given its choice of love as the central theme.

But Mynaa also dares to be different from the run of the mill Tamil movies in its sylvan rural setting, new actors and for eschewing the happy-end fixation of Indian films.

The movie is also different for one more reason: Before the film starts, its makers express their gratitude to Jesus in no uncertain terms.

What role Jesus played in the making of this film is not clear to us.

Yet Another Love Story

The movie traces the story of an illiterate villager Surli (Vidharth) and his deep affection and love for Mynaa (Amala Paul).

But it’s an unidimensional and weird fixation.

There’s not much of anything else in the movie. What little there is such as the jailbreak also has love at the back of it.

Weird it also is because the protagonist in his obsessive love for his girl behaves like a raging, raving lunatic at times including beating and kicking his father.

Both debutant Vidharth and his co-star Amala are decent actors although Vidharth’s mannerisms tends to be a little affected in some scenes.

The music is not completely disappointing. We liked the Mynaa, Mynaa song.

There are a couple of twists but we guessed correctly that overall this movie is not going to be one of those and they lived happily everafter movies.

The comedy angle is provided by the jail official Ramaiyaa.

Overall, we’d venture to say Mynaa is a decent movie but don’t set your expectations too high.

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