Tamil Film Industry Making Giant Strides

Who says the Tamil movie industry hasn’t been hyperactive lately.

Here, take a deko at how busy our ‘favorite’ Tamil stars, directors and producers have been in recent days:

* Vettaikaran Kaavalkaran Vijay donates 108 cows to poor villagers.

What next, Vijay? Kaaka Biryani (crow-meat based rice) for the urban poor? 😉

* Ajith cooks Biryani for the Mankatha crew.

Smart fella. When his racing career flopped, he turned to acting. Now that his acting career is collapsing, Ajith sees the future in cooking. Next time our train passes through Salem Junction we’re gonna look for Ajith on the platform yelling Sudana Kapi Tea, Idli Vada Sambar.

* Tamil movie producer Udhayanidhi Stalin, son of Northern Tamil Nadu’s Crown Prince, celebrates Birthday.

How does this Udhayanidhi Kuruvi acquire films?

* Tamil film producer Dhayanidhi Azhagiri, son of Southern Tamil Nadu’s clown prince, gets married.

Thank God, the groundwork for the next generation of Azhagiris has started. 😉

* Trisha Krishnan sings in Manmadhan Ambu.

We haven’t stopped laughing crying. 🙁

* Prabhu Deva dancing to a new woman’s tune.

This one promises to be an engaging tune.

* Vijayakanth to be awarded doctorate by an American university.

No, we are not making this one up.

* Yesteryear doll Simran doesn’t want to play mother.

How about an auntie’s role, Simran?

* Fat auntie Sonia Aggarwal attends cooking show.

Wrong show for you, auntie.

* Rajinikanth comes down to earth from the Himalayas.

Adding to Rajinikant’s legendary prowess, the height of the Himalayas is down by a few thousand meters after Rajinikanth went for a walk on the mountains.

* T.Rajendar is quite despite being alive. No screaming at reporters.

No kidding.

All in all, a very busy time for the Tamil film industry.

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