Too Lazy to Backup Your iPhone? Iomega Makes it EZ

Given the growing number of bugs in the iPhone software, not to backup the phone at frequent intervals is a masochistic call for deep pain to be inflicted on yourself.

Plus there’s always the possibility you can lose the iPhone or it can get damaged.

But the human propensity to put off such monotonous tasks as backups amidst the hectic schedules of our lives means many of us could lose some of the key info on our iPhones. Stuff like contacts and photos.

Here’s where Iomega’s new SuperHero Backup and Charger comes in handy but at a price.

A steep price of $70.

Save Your Contacts & Photos
SuperHero Backup and Charger does what its name suggests – it’s a compact docking station that backs up the iPhone’s contacts and photos on a 4GB SD card (included) while simultaneously charging it.

Should you need more capacity, you can upgrade to a higher capacity SD card.

No Music, Video or Calendar
Important caveat: Music, video and calendar cannot be backed up/restored with the Iomega backup and charger device.

Why did Iomega fail to include music, video and calendar in the backup options considering there are 32GB SDHC cards on the market now? Beats us. Maybe, there are copyright issues with music and video.

iPhone users must download the free SuperHero iPhone app from the Apple Store for the Super Hero Backup and Charger to work.

By giving different names to different iPhones, you can backup multiple iPhones with a single SuperHero Backup and Charger.

After the initial backup of an iPhone’s contacts and photos, future backups are incremental. If a user loses or damages his iPhone, he can restore the contacts and photos to a new iPhone by docking the new iPhone in the SuperHero dock and selecting the “restore” button.

Besides the iPhone 4, SuperHero Backup and Charger works with iPhone 3GS and 3G, as well as the iPod Touch (third and fourth generation).

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  1. vjcool   January 5, 2011 at 12:54 am

    on the copyrights of music downloads Responds:

    Interesting though we were aware of the broad outlines before.


    But will digital downloads stop tomorrow? No. It’s more convenient, answers to the present age’s demand for instant gratification and a generational thing.

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