The ‘Indian’ Movie We’re Keen on Watching

Oh, No.

It’s not any of our Bollywood, Kollywood et al movies.

Au contraire, it’s a feature documentary called the Bengali Detective.

Directed by Philip Cox, this Hindi/English/Bengali film with English subtitles is set in Kolkata.

We stumbled on Bengali Detective this morning while glancing at the Sundance listings for this year.

By the way, the film is part of the Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2011.

Here’s an excerpt on Bengali Detective from the Sundance web site:

In response to police corruption, the private detective business has become increasingly common in India. The Bengali Detective follows the life of detective Rajesh Ji, who, along with his ragtag team of assistants, investigates cases ranging from counterfeit hair products to a brutal triple murder. When Rajesh is not sleuthing, he has big dreams of competing on a televised national talent show, so he and his detective gang form a dance troupe—which must be seen to be believed—and rehearse for their big audition.

You can read more about the The Bengali Detective on the Sundance web site.

You can watch the trailer of The Bengali Detective here.

As far as we can tell, of the 279 films at Sundance 2011 Bengali Detective is the only one with an Indian connection.

One Response to "The ‘Indian’ Movie We’re Keen on Watching"

  1. logu   January 19, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Hi SI, thanks for letting us know .. Will definitely watch it somehow after all good movies seldom release in India..

    I suggest you see Aadukalam once… Dhanush was really good in this movie. The movie was inspired from Hollywood movie Cockfighters(1974) and the director rightly gives the credits at the end. (acquiring copyrights for a remake would be the right thing which our filmmakers seldom do,but the director vetrimaran atleast had the guts to mention it) I know SI would brand them as outright theft, but I suggest watch the film for the realistic portrayal of life in madurai, because films set in backdrops of this region had blatantly focused on violence and bloodsheds. Responds:

    You write: I suggest you see Aadukalam once…

    Parkalam, as the late Tamil Nadu Congress leader Kamaraj Nadar was wont to say.

    BTW, we rarely see any movie twice. Not even the skinflicks. 😉

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