Willow Madness – India vs Bangladesh Part 1

Update: India vs Bangladesh Part 2 – Bangla Batting

Finally, Willow is working. Hooray!

7:07AM EST – Fine Innings by in India against the home team Bangladesh.
Keep it up guys!

India ends at 370-4.

7:04AM EST – Yusuf Pathan out in last ball of India’s innings. India end at 370-4, Virat Kohli 100 Not Out!

7:03AM EST – Wow. Wow. Wow. Virat Kohli scores a century.

India at 370-3.

6:55AM EST – India 358-3.

2 Overs left.

6:53AM EST – Shame! Sehwag Bowled.

Great Innings, though. Big round of applause for Sehwag. 175 Runs!

India 355-3.

6:50AM EST – Yahoooo, another Boundary by Sehwag. Man, go for 200!


Update: India vs Bangladesh Part 2 – Bangla Batting


6:41AM EST – India 340-2.

6:40AM EST – Sehwag, go for Double Century.

6:36AM EST – Left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak punished again by Sehwag. India 331-2. 5 Overs left.

6:33AM EST – India 319-2 @ end of 44th over.

6:28AM EST – 308-2. 7 Overs left. Step it up guys. We want a total of minimum 375.

6:24AM EST – Superb 6 by Sehwag. On 152.

6:22 AM EST – 285-2. Shoot for 375, guys. Just 9 overs left.

6:19 AM EST – 10 Overs left. India 276-2! 🙂

6:16AM EST – Yipee! Another boundary by Sehwag. 11 overs to go.

(6:13AM EST – India 265-2 @ end of 38th over. We need more, guys!

6:09AM EST – India 261-2 at end of 37th over. Good!

6:07AM EST – Another Sehwag Six following on a Boundary against Off spinner Abdur Razzak. 🙂

6:04AM EST – India 245-2 at end of 36th over. Keep going, guys.

5:58AM EST – Wow! Another six by Sehwag. 115 now. India 242 for 2.

5:53AM EST – Virender Sehwag blasting away. On 109 now.

5:48AM EST – India 224-2 at end of 34th over. Decent score.

Keep going guys!

5:44AM EST – Virender keeps blasting away. India 219-2. 🙂

5:40 AM EST – India 204-2

5:38 AM EST – Yipee, Virender Sehwag – 100, his second in a World Cup

5:37AM EST (4:07PM IST) – India 198-2.

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Update: India vs Bangladesh Part 2 – Bangla Batting

11 Responses to "Willow Madness – India vs Bangladesh Part 1"

  1. boopalanj   February 19, 2011 at 6:23 am

    SI, what happened? why suddenly this cricket madness?

    I always thought you don’t give a f*** to this game, which is played in every street of India!!!

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    If we can watch (and survive) Tamil movies, how bad can Cricket be. 😉

    • boopalanj   February 19, 2011 at 6:29 am

      That makes some sense! 🙂

      SearchIndia.com Responds:

      We wanted to watch Gautam Menon’s Nadunisi Naigal in New Jersey yesterday.

      Went to the theater. But the prints didn’t arrive in New Jersey on time.

      Unprofessional idiots.

      Hey, Gautam Menon, are u f*cking listening? WTF happened to the Nadunisi Naigal print yesterday?

      Chutia, do you have no respect for our time?

      • boopalanj   February 19, 2011 at 6:39 am

        May be, it arrived at the nadunisi (midnight)!!!

        Is Payanam released there? It is from director Radha Mohan of Mozhi & Abhiyum naanum fame!!

        SearchIndia.com Responds:

        Yes, Payanam is playing here.

      • boopalanj   February 19, 2011 at 8:48 am

        By the way, From the review here, Nadunisi Naaigal does not sound impressive….


        I’m just afraid about the way Gautam would have handled the subject…

        SearchIndia.com Responds:

        We haven’t had a chance to see any of the Nai reviews yet.

        Maybe, it’s Good the Nai Prints did NOT arrive on time yesterday.

        • boopalanj   February 20, 2011 at 2:24 pm

          See the public opinion of Nadunisi naaigal



          don’t miss the last part where you get to see the real responses!! You can conveniently skip the first half, since it is only the trailer 😛

          SearchIndia.com Responds:

          We liked the fella who pretends to puke. 😉

          How can a movie featuring Sameer Reddy be anything but trash.

          That creature has not a single acting cell in her whole BIG FAT body. 🙁

          • Naveen   February 20, 2011 at 4:37 pm

            Thank U Thank U Thank U

            $’s, time and emotions saved by avoiding 7 Knoon Maaf and Nai. 😀

            SearchIndia.com Responds:

            The only role Priyanka Chopra is suited for is a corpse. Needs no emoting! 😉

            But the schmuck would probably mess that up too by wiggling her toe and shaking the toe-tag.

          • Naveen   February 20, 2011 at 5:10 pm

            Taking of Corpse, have you seen Nagesh play the corpse in “Magalir Mattum”? I think this was a remake / copy / theft / inspiration from a hollywood file “Nine to Five”. Nagesh was not bad at all 🙂

            SearchIndia.com Responds:

            Haven’t seen Magalir Mattum.

            The only Nagesh movies we can remember, the old B&W ones we mean, and that too vaguely are Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidhargal and Ulagam Ivvalovathan.

  2. boopalanj   February 19, 2011 at 6:56 am

    Great innings by Sehwag!!!

    SearchIndia.com Responds:


    But let’s not forget to give credit to the young fella Virat Kohli.

    A century in his first World Cup innings.


  3. Naveen   February 20, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Check this out… http://www.sify.com/movies/sonakshi-sinha-kamal-s-heroine-news-tamil-lcunsAejjgf.html

    Not everything that comes in sify is true. I hope this is one such news.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Why couldn’t Shruti Hassan be Kamal’s heroine? After all, Kamal is supposed to be at the vanguard of Tamil cinema.

    Just asking. 😉

    BTW, the dinner scene in Hannibal with Dr.Hannibal Lecter casually removing parts of his (still living) victim’s brain, frying them for the meal and eating them while Clarice and the audience watch on in horror is one of cinema’s great moments.

    Anthony Hopkins was made for the role.

    • Naveen   February 20, 2011 at 5:07 pm

      I always liked The Silence of the Lambs and The Red Dragon more than Hannibal. The wow factor in those two movies was that it was left to the audience’s imagination on what this monster could do if he had been not been chained. Hannibal, I thought was unevenly paced and moved a tad too slowly to its rather uncomfortable ending. I think it ended that way cos the book had a bizzaire ending – Clarice and Lecter eloping to Argentina and falling in love or something like that. But, all said Hannibal was still watchable for Anthony Hopkins and some brilliant scenes.

      SearchIndia.com Responds:

      (For some reason, this comment had gone into the Spam Folder.)

      We liked all of Hopkins’ movies including Hearts in Atlantis.

      Perhaps, we liked Hannibal more because it didn’t feature Jodie Foster. 😉

      Not that we dislike Jodie Foster. Just that she brings her own ferocious, maniacal energy to a role that distracts from Hannibal Lecter. Julianne Moore is prettier but no match for Foster in the acting department.

    • Naveen   February 20, 2011 at 5:19 pm

      hmm.. not sure why my response to above post with my views on Hannibal trilogy is not showing up. Either it has gone to junk or I forgot to click Submit 🙁

      SearchIndia.com Responds:

      Found it in Spam Folder & unspammed it.

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