Muslim Savages Convicted for Killing 59 Hindus; Narendra Modi was Right

Update (March 1, 2011) : 11 Sentenced to Death, 20 to Life in Prison

The killing of 59 Hindu devotees in a train near Godhra railway station (in the western Indian state of Gujarat) was not an accident but a conspiracy, a Special Court in Ahmedabad ruled today.

Special Court judge P.R.Patel convicted 31 people for the murder of the Hindu devotees by a Muslim mob and acquitted 63 others.

It’s safe to assume that the majority of the convicted as well as the accused in the Godhra train burning case are Muslims.

The sentences will be pronounced on February 25.

Some 59 Hindu devotees returning from a visit to the holy city of Ayodha were killed in the Sabarmati Express train coach S-6 in February 2002 when a Muslim mob set fire to the coach by throwing petrol bombs and hurling kerosene and petrol into the coach.

In retaliation for the Godhra killings, Hindu butchers went on a retaliatory danse macabre slaughtering several hundred Muslims.

Two committees that looked into the Godhra train burning incident reached opposite conclusions.

The Nanavati Commission (appointed by the Gujarat government) concluded it was a pre-planned conspiracy while the U.C.Banerjee panel (appointed by the central government) held that it was accidental.

Modi was Right
The verdict is a shot in the arm for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who was vilified for calling the Godhra train burning a “pre-planned massacre.”

But we consider Modi, a Hindu, guilty for failing to prevent the Hindu mobs from butchering several hundred Muslims in the retaliatory attacks of February-March 2002.

4 Responses to "Muslim Savages Convicted for Killing 59 Hindus; Narendra Modi was Right"

  1. sam   February 22, 2011 at 11:17 am


    We hope the Hindu butchers who slaughtered Muslims in the post-Godhra riots are also punished severely.

    Do you agree?

    • rama dasa   February 25, 2011 at 1:43 pm

      in one very rare instance,yes to an extent i do agree,i want to make it clear though that a REAL hindu would rather be spending his time checking out good bombay porn than going on a killing spree,instead of killing people,use your agression on the mouse(no bozo the thing connected to the computer not your pet mouse sam)/keyboard if you get what im saying

  2. sam   February 22, 2011 at 11:32 am

    Why not?

    Justice is same for everyone!

    But, especially in riot cases, always the consequences are not under radar, only the starting point is, which is under question here. Responds:

    Sorry for delay in processing your comment. Shoveling snow. 🙁

    The Hindu butchers and Muslim savages should be thrown into the same cell so that the beasts can tear each other apart.

  3. Naveen   February 22, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Justice delayed is justice denied. If justice is swift then there may be lesser instances of retaliation/revenge.

    Nevertheless, two wrongs do not make one thing correct and in that spirit, I agree that the Hindu groups should also be punished. Responds:

    1. You write: If justice is swift then there may be lesser instances of retaliation/revenge.

    The Indian judiciary and police ought to foster an environment where such incidents don’t happen in the first place.

    Swift and severe punishment is the best way of ensuring that.

    2. In so many years of living in the U.S., we can’t think of a mob killing 5 or 50 or 500 people here.

    Of course, we (i.e. the U.S.) don’t believe in retail killing. Our specialty is wholesale killing – Vietnam, Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan et al. 😉 This action movie likely coming to a Iranian city soon.

    Retail killing is for the Indian wimps!

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