Sri Lanka vs Terroristan – Go, Go, Sri Lanka

Big day, folks. Big day.

A huge crowd has turned out to watch the home team Sri Lanka battle Pakistan aka Terroristan at the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo.

Will Sri Lanka score their first ever World Cup victory against Pakistan?

We hope so. Desperately hope so.

* 12:15PM EST – Pakistan win by 11 Runs. 🙁 Seventh defeat by Sri Lanka at the hands of Pakistan in a World Cup match.

* 12:14PM EST – Spectators trooping out.

* 12:13PM EST – Kulasekara Out for 24 off the second last ball of match SL 265-9

* 12:08PM EST – Magnificent Six from Kulasekara

* 12:00 PM EST (10:30PM IST) – Pakistan Terroristan Murdabad! SL 242-8, three overs to go, 36 Runs Needed.

* 11:54AM – Chamara Silva stumped ( 57 off 79 balls). SL 232-8

* 11:50AM EST –  Thisera Perera Bowled by Akhtar 🙁 SL 232-7

* 11:36AM – Angelo Matthew gone as he goes for a Big Hit. Easy catch by Shahzad off Afridi’s bowling. SL is 209-6. Fourth wicket for Afridi.

* 11:30 AM EST – Does it even matter what the score is? Match over, Schmucks. SL 189-5. Another 8 overs left.

* 11:10AM EST – Sangakkara dismissed going for a big hit. Caught by Shahzad off Afridi’s bowling. Sri Lanka 169-5. Match OVER

* 11:08AM EST – Sangakkara survives a close one. Asking Run Rate 8.65. Sri Lanka has no chance in hell. 🙁

* 11:01AM EST – First Six for SL. Thank You, Sangakkara.

* 11:00AM EST (9:30PM IST) – Another close shave for Chamara Silva.  Easy Catch dropped by Abdur Rehman.

* 10:30AM EST – Game OVER. Allah on the side of Terroristan! Sri Lanka 119-4 after 30 overs. Required Run Rate 7.7. No chance for Sri Lanka.

* 10:17AM EST – Chamara Silva survives close LBW shave.

* 9.57AM – Crying. We’re crying! Samaraweera Stumped. Sri Lanka 96-4. Sri Lanka under TREMENDOUS PRESSURE.

* 9:51AM EST – Crisis. Crisis. Jayawardena dismissed for 2. Bowled by Akhtar. Middle stump knocked out.  Sri Lanka 95-3. Pakistan Terroristan Murdabad.

* 9:48AM EST – Sri Lanka needs 187 from 31 overs

* 9:38AM EST – OMG, Dilshan bowled by Afridi. Sri Lanka lose 2nd wicket. Sri Lanka 88-2.

* 9: 21 – Tragedy. 🙁 Upul Tharanga caught by Afridi off Hafeez. Sri Lanka 76-1

*9:15AM EST  Terroristan under pressure now. Sri Lanka 68-0 from 13 Overs.

* 9.12AM EST – Sri Lanka  64-0. At last, we’re seeing some action from the Sri Lankan batsmen! 🙂 Run rate now 5.33. Sri Lanka needs 214 runs from 38 overs to win.

* 8:48AM EST – Sri Lanka batting now. 28-0 at the end of 7 overs.


* 7.41 EST (6:11PM IST) – Abdul Razzak is Out on final ball. Pakistan Terroristan ends at a respectable 277-7. Run rate 5.54

* 7:34AM EST – Shahid Alfridi Out for 16. Caught by Dilshan off Matthews’ bowling. Pak 267-6.  Still 1.1 Overs to go.

* 7:15AM EST – 🙂  Gone Baby Gone. Umar Akmal Gone. Caught by Dilshan off Muralidharan’s bowling. Pak 238-5

* 7:05AM EST – With 7 overs left, it looks like Pakistan will end up with a big score of 275-300.  Not a good omen for Sri Lanka.

* 6:54AM EST – Scalped! Rangana Hera scalps Younus Khan! Good Innings by Younus – 72 runs. Pak 213-4

* 6:22AM EST – 170-3 at the end of 34th over. Run Rate 5.0. Younus Khan and Misbah ul-Haq keep the runs coming at a steady rate. 🙁

* 5.47AM EST – What do Pakistani men look for in a Wife? Someone who can make Good Biryani (according to the TV ads). Ha ha ha!

BTW, is it Lamb Biryani or Chicken Biryani? 😉

* 5:33AM EST  Hooray! Kamran Akmal stumped for 39. Went for a big hit and missed. Rangana Herath gets first wicket. Pak 105-3.

* 5:12AM EST – Should they lose another couple of wickets,  Pakis will be sweating. They’re already batting and running cautiously after Hafeez’ exit. Go, Sri Lanka. Go.

* 5:02 AM EST – Yipee. 2nd Wicket Down. Mohammad Hafeez Run out. Hopeless mix-up. Pak 76-2

* 5:02 Spinner Muttiah Muralidharan is brought in.

* Sri Lanka, We need another wicket. Now!

4:46AM EST – Another boundary.  Sri Lanka needs to bowl more tightly and rearrange fielders. Too many gaps in field. 65-1 at end of 10th over.

4:43 AM EST – Pak hammering Sri Lanka. 59-1 at the end of 9th over. Run rate – 6:56

4:37AM EST – Pak 47-1 at end of 8th over. Good start.

4:32 AM EST – Hafeez strikes again with Boundary.

4:31 AM EST – Superb Six by Mohamed Hafeez

4:25 AM EST (2:55PM IST)  – Yahoooooo!
Thisara Perera Strikes. Ahmed Shezad out caught by Kumar Sangakkara off Perera’s fine delivery.
Pakistan Terroristan 28-1

* 4:24AM EST – Pakis off to a brisk start. 28-0 at the end of 5th over.

* God, these Pak chutias too have a matrimony site! Just watched one of their stupid ads. What a surprise! Do Pakis marry? We’d always thought the Pakis just coupled together like dogs in heat. 😉

* 4:08 AM EST – Second Boundary by Shehzad. Pakistan 28-1

* 4:03 AM EST – First boundary of match by Pak striker Ahmed Shehzad

* 4:00 AM EST (2:30PM IST) Pakistan have won the Toss and elected to bat

4 Responses to "Sri Lanka vs Terroristan – Go, Go, Sri Lanka"

  1. sam   February 26, 2011 at 9:59 am



    We’re in tears. 🙁

    Your colleague’s prediction will most likely be proved right this time too.

  2. முனிAndy   February 26, 2011 at 10:09 am

    I am rooting for Pak.. (I am like SRK.. love thy neighbors)
    In World Cups, SL has caused us a lot of pain, while Pakistan has always been friendly.

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    Sorted by win/loss:;filter=advanced;opposition=7;opposition=8;orderby=result;team=6;template=results;trophy=12;type=team;view=results Responds:

    You write: I am rooting for Pak..

    How do you spell T R A I T O R in Tamil? 🙁

    • முனிAndy   February 26, 2011 at 10:21 am

      I saw the UDRS LBW reversal for the first time today.. cool stuff. As SL is 4 wickets down, I will switch allegiance to them, to make the match more interesting. Sanga is still there. Matthews can bat a bit. Responds:

      Game over. 🙁

      SL just going thru the motions now.

      • முனிAndy   February 26, 2011 at 10:44 am

        Remember.. Pakistan is in the game.. We may still see a match-fixing turn around Responds:

        Who knows, we may have some Azharuddins in our team too. 🙁

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