Kesar Pista Kulfi & Falooda? So Passe, So 2010

Ah, how we wish we were across the pond, living in London instead of the recession-hit United States.

Blessed we are not.

Let there be no mistake. The U.S. has a lot of things Ice Creams, and flavors too, in its favor.

Sure, we have our Italian Ice Creams, Ben & Jerry’s, Rita’s Ice, Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream, Breyer’s and of course the  Kulfi sticks and Kesar Pista buckets in the Patel Brothers’  freezer.

Lots of flavors, except the one that counts.

Here’s where London-based Icecreamists scores and has now stolen the thunder from every ice cream vendor in the world with their Flavor of the Decade – Breast Milk flavor.

We swear on Mallika Sherawat’s bazookas we are not kidding.

Icecreamists is a real store located at 15 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7NG.

Can you schmucks guess what the Breast Milk Ice Cream is called? Of course, you yokels can’t.

It’s Baby Gaga. Sounds too good, na? 😉

An ice cream that weird must perforce have a name equally weird!

What clever marketing!

Apparently, Baby Gaga is served to customers in a cocktail glass. Boy!

At £14, Baby Gaga Breast Milk ice cream is not cheap. Well, the good things of in life never are, right?

If you think we’re kidding, here read this excerpt from the Daily Mail:

The recipe blends breast milk with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest, which is then freshly churned into ice cream.

A costumed Baby Gaga waitress serves the ice cream in a martini glass filled with the breast milk ice cream mix. Liquid nitrogen is then poured into the glass through a syringe and it is served with a rusk.

It can be served with whisky or another cocktail on request.

You know when we were young and living in India, sometimes the milkman would come by with his cow and milk the cow right in front of our house to assure us of the milk’s freshness and purity.

We guess it won’t be long before another Ice Cream parlor ups the ante by offering fresh Breast Milk ice cream and lets you pick your two-legged milch cow from the line on bar stools ( like some seafood restaurants in the Orient allow you to pick live creatures that’s then taken out and cooked in front of your eyes).

And if you think that’s stretching things too far, the day is not far off when the Patel Brothers’ freezer will contain Breast Milk Ice Cream in so many desi flavors – Singh is Kinng (Pooonjabi Kudi), Jillunu Oru Kaadhal (Tamil Paal Ice) or Kondaveeti Donga (Telugu Donga).

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3 Responses to "Kesar Pista Kulfi & Falooda? So Passe, So 2010"

  1. rama dasa   March 1, 2011 at 10:06 am

    did anyone see this?

    i know i shouldve put it in the correct section,but didnt want to search through all the pages Responds:

    Would have been surprising if they didn’t get severe punishment.

    We added an update to our earlier story Muslim Savages Convicted for Killing 59 Hindus; Narendra Modi was Right published last month.

  2. munish   March 2, 2011 at 12:23 pm


    Boy is it hilarious..! do you have the slightest of an idea of how much i love you sir?! Responds:

    You write: do you have the slightest of an idea of how much i love you

    Us too, sweetie.

    You have no idea how much we love….ourselves. Narcissus would be proud of us. 😉

    By the way, all ye schmucks planning a quickie to London, please do cancel your tickets because the UK authorities joy-killers have confiscated the Baby Gaga treat.

    Wonder what they’d call it should our enterprising desi decide to milk this opportunity!

    Bulfi, Mulfi, Mafi?

  3. முனிAndy   October 21, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Schweddy Balls? Responds:

    We think we saw it a few days back at Food Lion.

    No, we haven’t tried it.

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