New (Dis)Honor for Bollywood – First Convicted Rapist

Bollywood may not win honors at any of the major international award festivals, be they Cannes, Oscars or even any of the lesser known festivals.

But make no mistake, Bollywood is well represented when it comes to picking up prizes for stealing scripts, bad acting, the casting couch, adultery, nepotism, drunk driving leading to murder of footpath dwellers, shooting endangered deer, drug addiction, balding pates, terrorist connections and the like.

However, until today Bollywood had one serious shortcoming – India’s Hindi film industry never had a convicted rapist of their own. All their rapists were only in the filums.

Voila, today Bollywood can proudly take pride in its first convicted Rapist.

Never let it be said Bollywood is second to none in any infamy. 😉

And the Bollywood hero villain of this Rape story is Shiney Ahuja.

Nothing Shining about Shiney
Notwithstanding his lustrous name, there’s nothing glittering about Shiney Ahuja.

A B-grade hero, Shiney Ahuja was today convicted of raping his maid.

Shiney Ahuja was sentenced to seven years’ rigorous imprisonment by a fast track sessions court in Mumbai, the hub of India’s film industry.

Although Shiney’s rape victim turned hostile, the court took note of the First Information Report and dropped the hammer on Shiney Ahuja.

Drunk on power, pelf and popularity,  the scumbags of Bollywood think they’re above the law and often act with impunity in the belief that the law will never catch up with them for their nefarious deeds.

Boy, are we glad that Judge P.M.Chouhan made Shiney Ahuja pay a heavy price.

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One Response to "New (Dis)Honor for Bollywood – First Convicted Rapist"

  1. sam   March 30, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Poor Shiney! Do u think he really did it Responds:

    Only Shiney, the girl and the bed 😉 know the truth.

    As for the rest of us, we have to go by the court’s verdict that he did it.

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