Source Code Review – Interesting Thriller

No, Source Code has nothing at all to do with the underlying code beneath all your software programs.

No, Source Code is not time travel.

Nooo, Source Code is not virtual reality either. To compound your misery, we’ll give you a tiny unhelpful clue here – the movie is about a different kind of reality. 😉

No, we can’t tell you more because it’s all cockamamie science fiction nonsense anyway. And more importantly, we don’t want to spoil your fun should any of you schmucks want to see the film.

Human Face

While science fiction is at the core of the film, this is not a science fiction film in the conventional sense.

Neither weird-looking creatures nor fancy gadgetry populate the screen in front of you.

What we have in Source Code is science fiction with a human face.

But a human face that is strictly speaking not even that of the lead performer, who in this case happens to be the talented performer Jake Gyllenhaal.

If all this sounds a bit complicated, it is. But intriguingly so.

The science fiction nonsense aside, Source Code is an interesting thriller that has Army Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhal) working desperately to identify the person behind a Chicago train explosion that’s killed all aboard.

Stevens repeatedly ‘heads‘ into the train (that’s already exploded) eight minutes before it explodes to identify the killer.

You see, the Army’s mission is to prevent the killer from executing an even more dangerous mission and killing millions in his next heinous terror attack.

Each time Stevens ‘heads’ into the train, he gets closer and closer to identifying the bomber.

Of course, all of that adds to the thrill for the viewer.

After all, how often can you find a movie that deftly ties together current concerns like terrorism with science fiction, fast-paced action and two pretty girls.

Interestingly, Steven ‘heads‘ into the train each time with memories of his previous entries unlike others on the train who have only one reality and one memory. Those with a single reality and a single memory including the pretty girl Christina (Michelle Monaghan) in the seat opposite Stevens.

Ha Ha, Indian Connection

Hey, there’s an Indian connection too for all you jokers.

We have standup comedian Russell Peters (a Canadian of Indian origin) as one of the passengers on the train doing what else, a standup comedy act.

Worth Watching

The tight screenplay has us glued to the screen wondering what comes next. And we have to thank Ben Ripley for the gripping script and above all, of course, director Duncan Jones.

If movies are all about gripping drama wrapped occasionally in unconventional garb then Source Code amply fits the bill as a class act.

Besides Jake Gyllenhaal, we have Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright in key roles although the bulk of the screen-time is hogged by Gyllenhaal.

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2 Responses to "Source Code Review – Interesting Thriller"

  1. 1012900   April 28, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Checked out the trailer of Source Code.
    It’s releasing today in India.

    Btw, have you seen Minority Report(Tom Cruise)? I saw it on TV. Also a Sci-Fi movie with a gripping storyline and a suspense at the end. It’s about a future(2054) in which criminals are caught before the crimes they are about to commit, by an elite unit called Pre crime, headed by John Anderton(Tom Cruise). They use three humans called “Pre cogs” to see into the future and know about crimes that are going to happen. But when the chief of the pre cime unit himself is accused of murder, he sets out to prove his innocence. The strange thing here is that he doesn’t even know his victim. I really didn’t think much of the plot but still decided to give it a chance. But the movie turned out to be absolutely fantastic.

    The story line is gripping, the acting good and i really liked the suspense at the end. One of Cruise’s best movies IMO. Responds:

    Don’t think we’ve seen Minority Report.

  2. boopalanj   November 16, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    Have you been to any of the Russell peter’s shows in US? Responds:

    No, they are usually held in one of the big cities like NYC, L.A., San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, DC etc

    I live in a small town, a place like Talaivasal, Attur or Chinnasalem. 😉

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