Lazy Unemployed American Schmucks Outsource Job Hunting to Vishakapatnam

It’s no secret that has always been against outsourcing to India or elsewhere because it hurts workers in the U.S.

But it irritates us tremendously to learn that some unemployed Americans are outsourcing even their job hunting process to Vishakapatnam and other cities in India.

Think we’re kidding? Hell, no.

Read this excerpt from a story in the Wall Street Journal:

Clients among U.S. job seekers are hoping to beat the soft job market and tedium of searching with the help of fast-growing niche outsourcing services that rely on computers and workers in India. Customers can send thousands of job applications in a flash, but spamming employers with résumés leads to some strange mishaps.

One of the reasons for high unemployment in the U.S. is the large-scale outsourcing of jobs that’s been going to India, China, Philippines and elsewhere.

Now, Americans want to outsource even their job hunting to the same Indians who caused them misery in the first place.

This is beyond disgusting.

No wonder America is going down the toilet. 🙁

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5 Responses to "Lazy Unemployed American Schmucks Outsource Job Hunting to Vishakapatnam"

  1. rama dasa   July 12, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    off topic:

    just when you thought hindus-jainas were the sworn enemies of jihadi’s, think again,it’s now the SUFI’s that are now being kicked by, as wendy doniger paraphrased “the horse of (radical) islam”.

    William Dalrymple talks about this in his new book”nine lives” which devotes a chapter on the sufi-wahabiist conflict in Sind.

    We can thank dr.zakir naik and his baboons for this nonsense. As regards to the above article,i think India will soon be the only place in the world for customer service hotlines and online pharmaceutical companies (many Indians are now operating pharmacy out of their homes and shipping the meds to America) Responds:

    You write: William Dalrymple talks about this in his new book”nine lives” which devotes a chapter on the sufi-wahabiist conflict in Sind.

    Nine Lives Review – Heartrending Indian Stories

    N.B: Rama Dasa, please run spell-check on your comments.

    • rama dasa   July 12, 2011 at 8:39 pm

      Just read your review,might pick up a copy (paperback) next week or the week after depending, sorry about the misspelling, I didn’t have the light on so it was kinda hard to see the keyboard (which of course is pitch black).will spell check from now on.

      Anyway back to the original topic, does anyone else think we should outlaw outsourcing?

  2. Naveen   July 14, 2011 at 1:09 am

    This is the most ridiculous thing to do!

    I can imagine the despair on SI’s face when you came to know this farce! lol Responds:

    Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad! 🙁

  3. Naveen   July 14, 2011 at 1:30 am

    Off-topic: What is SI’s view on network marketing (Amway)? Maybe you should write your views on it and the people who do it Responds:

    On and off, some friends and acquaintances bring it up with breathless stories of the huge pot of gold there, just for the taking.

    But we’ve never been convinced about the merits of MLM (multi-level marketing) for products that we may or may not need (mostly, do not need).

    To us, MLM has the shady association with quick money, a notion we don’t believe in unless one is peddling that fine white powder.

    For those looking at the rainbow of a million bucks in the bank, we suggest they look at startups. But very risky, because most startups go belly up.

    BTW, we prefer to do our shopping at Amazon, Best Buy or Patel Brothers. 😉 Never purchased anything via MLM. At least, off hand can’t remember any purchase.

    • Naveen   July 14, 2011 at 1:50 am

      Anything that promises exponential growth has to be looked at with a cynical eye. I agree with your views.

      I get harassed from time to time by those jokers. It is pretty annoying. Responds:

      These MLM fellas are as zealous as the Christian missionaries, the Mullahs or the RSS nuts in their views!

      It’s funny listening to their ‘wild stories’ once in a while (but gets tiresome once they start pestering you to jump in).

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