Useful Statistics of the Day – Snakes & Wild Beasts

Going by the quality of comments posted lately on the fine SI blog, we’re greatly concerned over what seems to be the diminishing intellect and general knowledge of our readers.

Now, that has left us inconsolably depressed because the quality of comments is in a way a reflection on the blog, at least to outsiders.

So, in an effort to boost the collective IQ and general knowledge of our commenters we shall be providing on a frequent basis various useful information to y’all concerning Mera Bharat Mahaan.

Here’s one such valuable tidbit that you’re sure to find greatly useful as you navigate the turbulence that’s the hallmark of of life in India. By the way, that’s tidbit not titbit. Comprende?

Snakes & Wild Beasts

In 1906, a total of 24,034 persons were killed by snake bites or wild beasts in India.

Here are the precious details:

* 21,880 persons were killed by snake bites

* 796 were mauled to death or eaten by tigers

* 399 were finished by leopards

* 959 were accounted for by other animals whose identities are unfortunately lost

Humans were not the only victims of snakes and wild beasts in the early years of 20th century India.

You see, in the same period, i.e. in 1906 snakes and wild beasts killed 98,582 cattle.

Of course, Indians wouldn’t be Indians without extracting their revenge.

So, here’s the retribution statistics for 1906:

* 65,146 snakes were killed

*16,121 wild animals were finished

A total reward of $37,000 was paid to the killers of the above snakes and wild animals.

We hope all you schmucks are infinitely wiser than you were just a few minutes ago,  before you read this priceless SI blog post. 😉

Source: East of Suez – Ceylon, India, China and Japan by Frederic Courtland Penfield, Former American Diplomatic Agent and Consul-General to Egypt, P.230-231 iPad version of book ‘purchased’ on Apple iBooks. Originally Published by the The Century Co, New York, 1907

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  1. rama dasa   July 31, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    mabe we should hire SI to teach at our schools instead of those half-witted “scholars” posing as teachers.

    i remember back in 3rd or 4th grade my teacher was telling us that india had the highest discrimination rates in the world.

    well considering the fact that we in usa still dont have one single woman pres. while india has had at least (im not well versed in secular india’s history) one woman prime minister(gandhi) and one woman pres.(patil) i think as far as gender goes, america is far more discriminatory than mera bharat mahan. thats just my opinion Responds:

    You write: well considering the fact that we in usa still dont have one single woman pres.

    Don’t delude yourself that the presence of a p*ssy in the Oval Office will usher in a utopia.

    The last time we checked, a p*ssy who slunk into the Oval Office shoved a cigar up her twat and then put it in the gob of the President so that he could inhale her flavor while she was giving him a BJ. Source: Monica-Billy sexcapades.

    Bottom line, what matters is what’s in the head of the leader and a genuine commitment to serve not whether the occupant has a slit or dick up front or whether he/she is White or Black.

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