Jain Gods of America – A Photo Tour

Just as night follows day, you can be sure where there are Indians temples will surely follow.

Even if it be America.

There are 100 Jain temples in the U.S. (source: Wiki).

We’re inclined to believe that of the countless faiths and religions in the world Jainism and Buddhism inflict the least harm on society.

Of the scores of Jain temples in the U.S., SI has visited one exclusive Jain temple and a bunch of Hindu Jain temples over the years.

Here is a photo tour of some Jain Gods from Jain temples as well as Hindu-Jain temples in America:

Jain Center of Northern California – Milpitas

Adinath Bhagwan Jain Center, Milpitas, CAAdinath Bhagwan – Jain Center Milpitas, CA

Aurora Balaji Temple PondParshvanath (center), Munisuvarat Swami (right), Vasupujya Swami (left)
Jain Center Milpitas, CA

 Chandraprabh Swami Jain Center Milpitas, CAChandraprabh Swami (left) Jain Center Milpitas, CA

Jain Center Milpitas, CAJain Center Milpitas, CA

Hindu Jain Temple – Pittsburgh

Mahavirswami, Parshwanath, Hindu Jain Temple MonroevilleMahavirswami-Parshwanath
Hindu Jain Temple Monroeville, PA

Samarpan Hindu Temple – Philadelphia

Mahavir, Samarpan Hindu Temple PhiladelphiaMahavir – Samarpan Hindu Temple Philadelphia, PA

Mahavir, Samarpan Hindu Temple PhiladelphiaMahavir – Samarpan Hindu Temple Philadelphia, PA

Rajdhani Mandir – Chantilly, VA

Mahavir - Rajdhani Mandir Chantilly, VAMahavir – Rajdhani Mandir Chantilly, VA

Parshwanath - Rajdhani Mandir Chantilly, VAParshwanath – Rajdhani Mandir Chantilly, VA

Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Bartlett, IL

Jain Center of Chicago Bartlett, ILJain Temple Bartlett, IL (Rama Dasa )

And now for a Jain touch from India.

Jain Temple – Mumbai, India

Jain Temple, MumbaiRidge Rd, Walkeshwar (Malabar Hill)

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  2. sam   August 11, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    r u going to c aarakshan?

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