Año Bisiesto (Leap Year) Review – Weird Countdown

Hey, we’re no strangers to weird movies.

After all, 99% of Indian movies, past and present, occupy pride of place in the pantheon of weird shit.

But the Mexican production Año Bisiesto (Leap Year), a 2010 award-winning Spanish language film, is a different kind of weird film.

Very bleak.

Very sexually explicit (now, this should get your attention). 😉

Very odd story.

Almost the entire movie happens in the principal character Laura Lopez’s apartment.

We don’t know much about the young woman Laura (Mónica del Carmen), except that she’s a reporter and enjoys hard sex with the guys she picks up.

She has rough sex with her partners, she sleeps, she gets up, she makes a mark on the calendar, she talks to her mother on the phone, she peers through the curtain at her neighbors, she has rough sex and the sequence is repeated.

For much of the movie, the pattern or cycle of action is unchanging leaving the viewer flummoxed as to where it’s heading.

Only later, toward the very end, it starts to make some sense and you realize that all these seemingly bizarre actions including the calendar notations mark a weird countdown to a very grisly finale that Laura fervently desires.

While we wouldn’t class Mónica del Carmen as an actress extraordinaire, she didn’t stumble either.

She threw in a more than adequate performance.

Michael Rowe directed this movie for which he won the Golden Camera award at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

Año Bisiesto is most certainly not a movie you can watch with youngsters in the family.

The movie has plenty of full nudity and several raw sexual scenes including some sado-masochistic stuff that some many find extremely repulsive.

For once, SearchIndia.com is unsure whether to recommend or condemn a movie.

We’ll sit on the fence in this instance.

By the way, if you’re interested Año Bisiesto (with English subtitles) is available on DVD at Netflix.

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  1. Naveen   October 21, 2011 at 10:50 am

    Sounds like a porno flick with a slasher movie finish!

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