Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Mounted NYC Policemen on Wall StreetMounted NYC Policemen on Wall Street Warily Eying the Crowd. Who can
Blame them. After all, Wall Street is just a few blocks from Zuccotti Park,

the epicenter of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest.
(October 21, 2011)

One Response to "Horsemen of the Apocalypse?"

  1. AC   October 23, 2011 at 10:51 am

    If it is the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, one of them didn’t bother to show up and at least one of them has been to one buffet too many!

    Great work on the OWS though. What kind of emotions did you sense in general? With the TPers, I perceived a lot of anger and maybe some irrational hatred too. Did you sense a lot of that? From my perch, the OWS protesters seems much more chilled out (I could be wrong though- I get most of my OWS news from the likes of Colbert and Stewart).

    AC Responds:

    1. The fourth likely lost his horse and was on foot with a sub-machine gun (really). In the picture, you can see him standing and talking to an old man.

    2. TPers are a bunch of stupid, racist White f*cks in the heartland fed shit by the sick Koch brothers.

    Au contraire, the OWS crowd seemed genuine, sincere, friendly and committed to the cause of making this land a more equitable one.

    We sensed a strong enthusiasm among the OWS people. Mostly in the 22-35 age group, although there were a few older ones as well.

    If the OWS people succeed in their mission (and that’s a big IF) the nation will owe these good souls a big, big debt.

    But with the winter demon slowly starting to unsheath his deadly claws, the big question is how long can these selfless, noble OWS souls brave the brunt of the elements.

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