Screw the Kindle, iPad Tops U.S. Kids Wish List

For the second holiday season in a row, American kids 6-12 are lusting for the iPad more than any other product, according to a Nielsen survey.

For the 2011 holiday season, the iPad has increased its appeal with this age-group.

Nearly half (44%) want an iPad this year compared to 31% last year.

The second and third most wanted products were also Apple devices, iPod Touch (30%) and iPhone (27%).

Only 25% of the kids looked forward to a non-iPad tablet, computer or Nintendo 3DS gaming device.

Barring the iPad, all other tablets are faring miserably in the market with few takers.

After a pathetic reception from consumers, HP jettisoned its tablet business and disposed off the remaining inventory in a fire-sale for $99.

Despite a steep starting price of $499, the Apple iPads are selling briskly.

Take a deko at the Nielsen figures below:

U.S. Kids Want the iPad for Holiday Season 2011

What About Older Kids

For kids in the 13+ age group too, the iPad is the most desired product.

The Nielsen study shows 24% of kids in this age group drooling over the iPad this holiday season compared to 18% last year.

Computers and e-readers were salivated over by 18% while both non-iPad tablets and TVs found favor with 17% of the kids 13+.

U.S. Kids Want the iPad for Holiday Season 2011

We’ve played around with most of the major tablets and none of them come anywhere near the iPad in ease of use, finesse and quality.

6 Responses to "Screw the Kindle, iPad Tops U.S. Kids Wish List"

  1. gandhiji   November 18, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    Apple’s 1984 ad can now be used against Apple. Responds:

    Not really because Apple doesn’t have the heft that IBM had then.

    IBM was truly a Goliath those days, lording it over mainframes, minis and the nascent microcomputer market.

    Android (collectively) today has greater marketshare than Apple’s iOS, at least on the phone side.

    As for PCs, the Mac has no more than 8-10% on the desktop.

    And Mac is completely irrelevant on servers.

  2. Twig   November 19, 2011 at 1:22 pm


    It’s for the “Kids” !

    Ipad is for Kids. Responds:

    You write: Ipad is for Kids

    Oh, what an Un-Pad comment. 😉

  3. Aswin_Kini   November 20, 2011 at 5:09 am

    Yeah yeah, Apple i-Pad is a superior product by all means and it beats Android in many ways. But it is NOT AFFORABLE. Plus, there are many other products, which provide similar features, barring the state-of the art i-OS and SIRI features, at a cheaper price. Call us cheapos, but we buy gadgets, which suit our daily use. I don;t need an i-Phone with SIRI as a normal phone with a Calendar and Reminder-setting facility is more than enough. Plus, SIRI, although a fantastic feature, in reality does not provide any quality value-add to a person’s life. Want real human interaction, get a GIRLFRIEND or WIFE, who pesters you about your appointments.

    Lemme give me a simple example. One of my office colleagues imported an Apple iMac from the US at the cost of 62000 INR. All he does is play games, send email and do other basic computing stuff. Many people like him buy Apple only for the heck of it. In reality, all they need is a laptop to do advanced computing or a PS2 or PS3 playstation to play games. Trust me, Apple products have their own unique advantages, but the price they expect us to pay is way too much, especially in this dry economy!!!!!!!
    Call me a cheapo Desi, I don;t care. It’s better to be a Cheapo and Happy Desi rather than a crazy Apple fan Responds:

    The business model, at least for phones, is different here (2-yr contract is a must with $70 a month for phone plus data service if you get an iPhone).

    People pay just $99 for iPhone 4 and $199 (16GB)-$399(64GB) for the new iPhone 4S. iPhone 3GS is free.

    Of course for the iPad or the Mac computers, consumers must pay full price. Hence, not that many takers for these products relative to iPhone.

    If people here had to pay full price for iPhones, they too would behave like Cheapo Desis and the iPhones wouldn’t have so many takers.

    • gandhiji   November 20, 2011 at 12:02 pm

      One of my friends sold his used 3gs for 200 bucks to his colleague in India and got himself a 4s.

      Do our comments show which browser we use to post? Responds:

      Guess, we’ll get at least $100 for our dented iPhone 3G 16GB.

      BTW, we played with a demo unit of Kindle Fire at Staples yesterday. Took a peek at some downloaded books, video (Lincoln Lawyer), music.

      Video, books & music worked fine. No issues.

      But the browser part was disabled via an overlay. And the browser is the one drawing a lot of criticism. Also, the device was not on WiFi.

      • gandhiji   November 21, 2011 at 8:34 am

        We still haven’t got it yet. Played with it and nook color a bit at Staples.
        Seems like the fire is better features-wise. Responds:

        Nook seems to be getting better reviews overall but Kindle Fire is the winner of the hype game.

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