No, America is Not a Police State

Let’s lecture the Egyptians and the Syrians and the Libyans on how to treat protesters.

After all, good advice is always meant for others, right?

Here at home, America’s policemen have run amok on non-violent student protesters pepper-spraying them, beating them with truncheons, arresting them and harassing them endlessly at the behest of their political masters who are beholden to the corporate crooks, bank crooks and Wall Street crooks.

The below video is of University of California Davis students needlessly pepper-sprayed by the police on Friday.

Police have been pepper-spraying protesters at other locations too.

Here’s a disturbing video of Seattle Police unleashing their pepper-spray at protesters on November 15:

And if you think your advanced age prevents you from being pepper-sprayed by the police, look at the below picture of 84-year-old Dorli Rainey, who was attacked by the Seattle Police on November 15:

84-year-old Protester Dorli Rainey Pepper Sprayed by Seattle Police84-year-old Dorli Rainey after a Pepper Spray
(Picture courtesy:  New York Times)

Two months back, Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City were screaming in agony after being pepper-sprayed by the police.

See the agonized cries of the two girls in the below video:

2 Responses to "No, America is Not a Police State"

  1. Twig   November 20, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Are these protests reported by the USA media?

    I don’t see much coverage.

    May be my sample space is enough or too busy to check out. Reports:

    The American mainstream aka lame-stream media is giving very little coverage to the protests, nowhere near enough given the extent of police brutality on peaceful protesters.

    Look at the riot gear of the police.

    Ridiculous. These are for the most part (99.9999%) non-violent protesters.

  2. Naveen   November 21, 2011 at 12:17 am

    Did you read this news? Something to rejoice eh? 🙂 Responds:

    Stupid f*cks willing to pay $30,000 for a U.S. Visa?

    Indians are dumber than we thought.

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