When Harry Tries to Marry – NRI Junk Not for Humans

Even if we were not sloshed tonight, we wouldn’t have liked When Harry Tries to Marry.

Not one bit.

Truth be said some movies are best watched in a soused state.

Otherwise, it can be too hazardous to one’s sanity.

This evening, we poured ourselves a large one, and then another large one and another large one…and sat down to watch When Harry Tries to Marry (DVD available at Netflix).

Thank God for all those large ones!

How was the movie, you ask?

Yeeks, utter garbage!

Just goes to prove that Indians be they in India or America can’t make watchable movies.

When Harry Tries to Marry is trash on many fronts.

First, it tries to piggyback on the name of the famous Meg Ryan-Billy Crystal movie When Harry Met Sally.

That’s just the kind of cheap shit Indians readily embrace.

Second, its subject matter is, yawn, anΒ  NRI romance that’s poorly written and sophomoric.

The writing is so unimaginative and terrible and dooms the movie to failure even if there were a stellar cast, which we obviously don’t have here.

This is our third or fourth or fifth romance involving Indians in America (some of the other Indian-American romances Bride and Prejudice, Other End of the Line, Indian Fish in American Waters, Mistress of Spices…) that we’ve seen and now we’re tired of this genre.

Geez, don’t Indian-American directors and writers have any other theme to work on.

Third, while the acting of some of the lead characters was not hopeless it was no big deal either. Pedestrian stuff.

Directed by Nayan Padrai based on a screenplay by Padrai and Ralph Stein, the movie centers around the distaste of a young NYC desi Harish Shankar aka Harry (Rahul Rai) for love marriage and his preference for a traditional arranged Indian marriage.

Hey, divorce rates are far lower in Indian arranged marriages.

Plus there’s the disturbing reminder of Harish’s parents’ love marriage collapsing in acrimonious fights and ultimately in a divorce.

So, our young architecture student Harry calls up Deepak uncle in India to find a bride for him.

Anon, an ‘unhatched egg’ in the form of a shapely young architecture student Nita Shah (Freishia Bomanbehram) is found for Harry.

Before long, the youngsters are cooing on video chats, exchanging e-mails and gifts.

Harry even gets a ‘cuddly’ Teddy Bear with a recorded message from Nita on his birthday.

Even as this lovey-dovey stuff between Harry and Nita is going on, there’s Harry’s classmate and friend Theresa (Stefanie Estes) in the background.

What’s up between Harry and Theresa? No, you don’t want to find out because the movie’s just not worth it.

Before long, we’re subjected to the trial of the American group landing in India for the wedding.

Avoid This Nonsense

We’re still rubbing our eyes, in despair, over how this junk got made and got funded.

Was somebody high on weed or Crack Cocaine?

We saw some doctor prefixes in the list of producers. So, did someone have money to burn?

Pray, how else can this mediocre shit see the light of the day?

Granted the movie has some funny lines but they’re too few and far between.

By the way, among the many irritatingly unfunny scenes Harry’s erection scene was the worst.

Freishia Bomanbehram, who plays the Indian girl Nita, can’t act to save her life.

Overall, we found this movie utterly boring and cursed ourselves for renting it.

SearchIndia.com strongly recommends that if you stumble upon the When Harry Tries to Marry DVD, fling it on the highway so that it’s crushed to pieces.

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  1. Naveen   November 21, 2011 at 12:25 am

    Did you go scavenging and rummaging trash for hideous crap? Why undertake a mission to ruin one’s evening? πŸ˜€

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    No, just filtered Netflix new releases in the last 30-days.

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