Rajapattai BO – How Will Vikram End it All?

Tamil movie fans the world over are waiting with bated breath.

The big question today for millions of Tamil film buffs is what technique Vikram will choose to end it all after his public shaming.

Will it be a long rope, a .32 caliber revolver, a sharp knife, a straight dive into the Cooum, an ‘encounter,’ a crucification, a walk into the deep sea or, like Cleopatra, will Vikram put an asp to his body? 😉

Vikram’s Shame

Tamil movie fans have collectively extended their middle finger to Vikram’s latest crapshow Rajapattai at the UK box office.

Folks, the disgustingly bad Rajapattai is a disaster of epic proportions at the box office in the opening weekend.

Even that podi paiyya (kid) Karthik’s Paiyya did better at the UK box office.

Rajapattai, which released on 16 screens, could manage a pitifully low total gross of just £17,528.

Average gross per screen for Rajapattai worked out to a miserably low £1,096.

By the way, Vikram’s previous movie Deiva Thirumagal, whose plot was stolen from the Hollywood film I am Sam, too did not fare well at the box office.

This suggests that Vikram’s star is waning and he’s no longer a safe bet for producers, distributors, exhibitors and, of course, Tamil movie fans.

Here’s how badly Rajapattai fared at the UK box office compared to a few prominent Kollywood films:

Rajapattai UK Box Office Report

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