Thandavam – And Then They Laughed

Thandavam BO – Vikram gets Middle Finger Thandavam (September 27, 2012) Director: A.L.Vijay Cast: Vikram Kennedy, Anushka Shetty, Amy Jackson, Jagapati Babu, Santhanam, Nasser, Lakshmi Rai Story & Screenplay: A.L.Vijay A contemptuous, disdainful, sneering laugh broke out last night at the end of the premiere show of Vikram’s new film Thandavam at a theatre on […]

Daredevil – Is Vikram Stealing this Junk?

(For Dr.Logu) Tamil cinema’s ace thief Vikram Kennedy is a desperate man. The schlockmeister of Kollywood has not had a decent hit in a million years. His recent movies like Bheema, Rajapattai and Deiva Thirumagal were either plain awful or outright theft. The audience is giving him the cold shoulder. He’s seething with rage seeing […]

Rajapattai BO – How Will Vikram End it All?

Tamil movie fans the world over are waiting with bated breath. The big question today for millions of Tamil film buffs is what technique Vikram will choose to end it all after his public shaming. Will it be a long rope, a .32 caliber revolver, a sharp knife, a straight dive into the Cooum, an […]

Rajapattai Review – Height of Insanity

Rajapattai BO – How Will Vikram End it All? Tamil film star Vikram’s new movie Rajapattai is the latest infantile nonsense to emerge out of Kollywood. Rajapattai has nothing going for it. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Bizarre Story Sickles fly every three minutes, an old man in his 80s eagerly gives lessons to young men in […]

Deiva Thirumagal – Disaster at Box Office

(Dedicated to Thieving Swine Vikram’s Scumbag Fans) Rotten Stolen Trash Deiva Thirumagal featuring Thirutu Nai Vikram has fared miserably at the box office. The U.K. Box Office that is. It was way below Vikram’s earlier movies Kanthaswamy and Bheema. Hey, it is worse than even Karthi’s Siruthai, Jeeva’s Ko and Vishal’s Avan Ivan. For the […]

Deiva Thirumagal – Rotten, Stolen Trash

Deiva Thirumagal has the odious perversion of not merely being stolen (from the 2001 Hollywood film I Am Sam) but also the dubious distinction of being a downright trashy movie. Too Hard for Vikram Folks, one of the biggest disappointments of Deiva Thirumagal is Vikram’s mediocre acting. Truth be said, Vikram is not even a […]

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