iPhone Can Make Your Favorite Bollywood Actress’ Boobs Bigger, No Kidding

The Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and the Mac are truly God’s finest creations.

Of course, SI readers know how we love all things Apple.

But for all the schmucks who have resisted our insistent scribblings that the only smartphone, tablet or computer worth buying is an iPhone, iPad and Mac respectively, here’s one more solid reason.

French multimedia company Kaeria EURL has developed a 99-cent application for the iPhone called Plastic Surgery Simulator that lets you play around with anyone’s photos to simulate plastic surgery results on their face and body.

So, if you’re considering cosmetic surgery this app would be valuable.

Before you embark on the big step and invest thousands of dollars to augment your mustard seeds into a respectable apple or give your derriere a fillip, you can visualize how you’ll look post-surgery with this app.

Apparently, plastic surgeons are using this app for their cosmetic surgery candidates.

The app developer Kaeria says 5% of Plastic Surgery Simulator users are doctors.

Enhance Sonam

Of course, this also means you can make your favorite Bollywood actress look the way you want her to look.

Visualize your favorite Bollywood babe with a reduced nose, enhanced breasts, altered chin and augmented buttocks.

For those of you who think Bollywood star Sonam would look a lot better with something more substantial on her chest, all you need to do is grab her image off the web or import one from your library and just “Hold your finger on the image part that you want to grow.”

Voila, doesn’t the sweetie look like an Aphrodite now.

Drool to your heart’s content, all ye lecherous dogs.

Reduce Namitha

Enhancements is not the only thing the Plastic Surgery Simulator can do.

Hey, it can also reduce.

So, for instance if you think Tamil film actress Namitha’s bouncing assets are a little too bouncy all ye need to do is to “Hold your finger on the image part that you want to shrink.”

There you go, plus-size Namitha’s assets have been substantially minused.

But then Namitha wouldn’t be Namitha without all that bouncy stuff. What say you?

99-cents for iPhone/iPad App

Plastic Surgery Simulator is available on the Apple AppStore for a modest sum of 99-cents for the iPhone and iPad.

But the Mac version costs a rather steep $8.99.

Here’s to Happy Enhancement!

An Android version of Plastic Surgery Simulator is also available but we don’t think that’s as good as the iPhone version because the Apple iOS version has gone through multiple iterations. Only the first version of the Android app has come out so far.

Update: By the way, we just purchased this interesting app for our iPad but we’ve yet to enhance or reduce any one.

We’re waiting for the right ‘candidate.’ 😉

2 Responses to "iPhone Can Make Your Favorite Bollywood Actress’ Boobs Bigger, No Kidding"

  1. Naveen   January 22, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    Interesting article on Apple’s jobs going abroad… SI may have read more indepth articles on outsourcing though.


    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Read the article in your link last night.

    The article appeared originally in the New York Times.

    Obviously, corporate America’s practices do not bode well for America.

    But when a company (Apple) has $80 billion in the bank and revenues of $108 billion (Apple) “a sum larger than the combined state budgets of Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts,” you can’t control it!

    • Naveen   January 22, 2012 at 9:47 pm

      World economics is too complicated for my little Holly/kolly/Bollywood corrupted brain to comprehend but if I may say, at a macro level US screwed itself by having very little in terms of protectionist policies. By not imposing some level of parity in working conditions at offshore locations the whole concept of cheap labor is further accentuated to the disadvantage of US Citizens.

      Now, as Apple says it is impossible to reverse the trend as purely money-minded capitalist control who runs for president and get favorable laws drafted. A national revolt is a solution but I think the US middle class is not very different from Indian middle class… lazy!

      But then who am I to complain when I am reaping the benefits? If Narasimha Rao + Manmohan Singh had not opened the Indian economy in early 90’s then I may have ended up studying for a Government Job. 🙂

      SearchIndia.com Responds:

      Now it’s virtually impossible to stem the outsourcing tide tsunami.

      Call Comcast and your call now goes to Philippines!

      As some astute observers have already pointed, outsourcing of manufacturing is not the end game. Because it inevitable is followed by outsourcing of research, designing etc.

      This will seriously weaken the U.S., leaving us only with the military-industrial complex.

      We just have to sell more missiles, more bombs, more landmines, more fighter-aircraft, more submarines, more guns etc to the rest of the world to compensate for all these job losses and to keep our (U.S.) economy growing.

      Yes, we will sell more weapons to both India and Pakistan, Israel and Saudi Arabia….And we all know what the ultimate consequences of selling more arms to these sets of countries will be!

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