Android Beats iPhone – Ahem, in the Toilet

Aha! After searching high and nigh we finally found one place where Droid/Android scores over the iPhone/iOS.

Hold your breath nose now because that place is the toilet.

A new survey has found Droid phone users are more likely to use their mobile phones in the loo compared to iPhone owners.

No kidding, folks.

The survey by integrated market marketing agency 11mark notes that:

Droid users are slightly more likely to use their phones in the bathroom overall; 87 percent have used their phone while indisposed, versus 84 percent of BlackBerry users and 77 percent of iPhone users. BlackBerry users are most likely to answer a call in the bathroom. 75 percent of BlackBerry users report they have done so, versus 67 percent of Droid and 60 percent of iPhone users. But, Droid and iPhone users are more likely to browse a social network or use an app (in the bathroom) than their BlackBerry colleagues.

As always, the wise souls at SI have the explanation for this anomaly – You see, iPhone users really, really care about their mobile phone compared to Droid users.

Can you imagine your sexy lil’ iPhone floating with the remnants of last night’s Pongal, Dahi Batata Vada or swimming in the, God forbid, Paani Puri. No way!

Droid users couldn’t care less if their mobile phone is covered with poo because it looked no different before. πŸ˜‰

Anyway at least now, the Droid owners have one reason to cheer. πŸ˜‰

Great American Download Story
In other highlights of the 11mark survey of 1,000 Americans:

* Neither men nor women are going to the bathroom alone today – 74% of men and 76% of women report using their mobile phone in the bathroom

* 63% report they have answered a phone call and 41% initiated a phone call

* Many (67%) have read a text, and 38% have surfed the Internet

* Men are a bit more attached with 30% reporting, β€œI don’t go to the bathroom without my mobile phone,” versus 20% of the distaff sex

* Men also work more from the bathroom – 20% say they have participated in work-related calls versus 13% of their female colleagues

* Gen Y respondents are heaviest toilet users with 91% using their phone in the bathroom

* 80% of Gen X report using the phone in the bathroom, 65% of Boomers and 47% of the Silent Generation

* 59% of Gen Y, 43% of Gen X and 22% of Boomers have used an app in the bathroom. While online, it seems they are doing more than just surfing; 16% of Gen Y report making an online purchase while in the bathroom

* iPhone users are particularly likely to browse and buy in the bathroom – 22% have made a purchase, versus 10% of Americans with mobile phones overall

SI confesses to checking for your comments in the bathroom with the iPhone 4. πŸ˜‰

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