The Gal Who Screwed the Secret Service

Hell hath no fury as a hooker screwed out of her nightly earnings! 😉

Three U.S. Secret Service agents have already lost their jobs and another three agents are said to be on their way out following the hookergate sexual tryst in Cartagena, Colombia.

Boy, the 24-year-old babe sure is a bomb.

Who can tell she’s the (single) mother of a young kid.

Me, I’m packing my bags to Colombia. 😉

Dania Londono SuarezDania Londono Suarez (24)
Pix: NY Post/Facebook

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  1. vjcool   May 11, 2012 at 1:28 am

    no comments on this topic.. yet!!? Responds:

    People’s hands are otherwise occupied when they ‘see’ the post. 😉

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