Patel, Parikh, Chavda, Somalingham, Gajjar Charged with Alleged Visa Fraud in NJ

Special Agents of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have recently charged nine persons in New Jersey with alleged involvement in Foreign Students Visa fraud.

Of the nine people charged, eight have been arrested by federal agents.

U.S. immigration officials charged the defendants with conspiracy to obtain and use phony visas and conspiracy to conceal illegal aliens.

Going by the names of the people charged, several of them definitely appear to be of Indian origin.

A few of the people charge  seem to hail from Gujarat, a state in the western part of India.

The nine persons charged are:

1. Dhirenkumar Parikh (34) a/k/a “Ren Parikh” of Old Bridge, New Jersey. Dhiren Parikh

2. Vanrajsinh Chavda of Fords, N.J.

3. Manamadurai Somalingham, 63 of Pelham, N.J.

4. Hemantkumar Patel (29) a/k/a “Harry Patel”

5. Michelle Alphonso (34) of Iselin, NJ

6. Maulik Gajjar (33) of Iselin, NJ

7. Tiffany Thomas (38) Orange, NJ

8. Yasmin Rivera (29)

9. Hemlata Christian (40)

Raid Oak Tree Road

It is my strong suspicion that a lot of Indian businesses in and around Oak Tree Road in Iselin and Edison employ illegal immigrants for the sake of cheap labor.

Such practices harm American citizens and permanent residents and must not be condoned.

We strongly recommend to the U.S. immigration authorities that they must investigate Indian establishments on Oak Tree Road in Edison and Iselin.

Of course, as with all people charged with illegal conduct the above also are presumed innocent until a court of law finds them guilty.

Visa Fraud Complaint

New Jersey Foreign Students Visa Fraud Complaint

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  1. Naveen   June 12, 2012 at 12:03 am

    Should we say this is the tip of the iceberg? Responds:

    You bet!

    Well, no because it can only be the opposite of a tip.

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