Indian Muslim Writer Fareed Zakaria Confesses He’s a Thief

On the few occasions I’ve watched Fareed Zakaria’s show on CNN, I’ve hated the bozo.

His weekly shows on CNN are awful, even for those like yours truly who love to watch an Indian face on TV in America.

Unlike my favorite yesteryear ABC journalist and TV host Sam Donaldson, Fareed Zakaria behaves like a pussy with guests on his show.

In my not so humble opinion, Fareed Zakaria’s biggest blunder as a TV host – he forgets that the relationship between the media and the people it covers is always adversarial.

But Fareed Zakaria now stands exposed of a bigger crime – stealing or to use a fancy English word plagiarism.

Media circles in the U.S. were abuzz yesterday that Fareed Zakaria had plagiarized from New Yorker writer Jill Lepore’s article on the blog he writes for Time.

CNN and Time magazine, where Fareed has gigs, have suspended the thief. Fareed is the host of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN and Editor-at-Large of Time.

Fareed has already admitted to the theft.

Here’s Fareed Zakaria’s confession:

Media reporters have pointed out that paragraphs in my Time column this week bear close similarities to paragraphs in Jill Lepore’s essay in the April 23rd issue of The New Yorker. They are right. I made a terrible mistake. It is a serious lapse and one that is entirely my fault. I apologize unreservedly to her, to my editors at Time, and to my readers.

Fareed Zakaria Admits He Stole from Jill Lepore's Article - SearchIndia.comFareed Zakaria – Face of the Thief
(Pix: Atlantic Wire)

Several sites including Politico, Atlantic, NRANews, News Busters etc have run excerpts of Fareed’s plagiarism.

The below excerpts are from Politico:

Jill Lepore’s New Yorker piece:

As Adam Winkler, a constitutional-law scholar at U.C.L.A., demonstrates in a remarkably nuanced new book, “Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America,” firearms have been regulated in the United States from the start. Laws banning the carrying of concealed weapons were passed in Kentucky and Louisiana in 1813, and other states soon followed: Indiana (1820), Tennessee and Virginia (1838), Alabama (1839), and Ohio (1859). Similar laws were passed in Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma. As the governor of Texas explained in 1893, the “mission of the concealed deadly weapon is murder. To check it is the duty of every self-respecting, law-abiding man.

Fareed Zakaria’s Time column:

Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at UCLA, documents the actual history in Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America. Guns were regulated in the U.S. from the earliest years of the Republic. Laws that banned the carrying of concealed weapons were passed in Kentucky and Louisiana in 1813. Other states soon followed: Indiana in 1820, Tennessee and Virginia in 1838, Alabama in 1839 and Ohio in 1859. Similar laws were passed in Texas, Florida and Oklahoma. As the governor of Texas (Texas!) explained in 1893, the “mission of the concealed deadly weapon is murder. To check it is the duty of every self-respecting, law-abiding man.”

Fareed Zakaria is a high-profile figure in the U.S. and reportedly collects $75,000 for a speech (Source: Huffington Post).

I hope CNN and Time boot Fareed out for good!

That’d teach the stealing bozo a lesson he’ll never forget.

Fareed Zakaria is the son of the late Congress Member of Parliament Rafiq Zakaria from the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

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3 Responses to "Indian Muslim Writer Fareed Zakaria Confesses He’s a Thief"

  1. tiramisu   August 12, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    It is regrettable that he is caught up in this thing.

    Shocked that he missed providing due attributions.

    He should have known better with all the right wing maniacs baying for his blood.

    Nevertheless his show on CNN – GPS was pretty good. He had very good and authority figures on topics on his show. Of course he was no Sam Donaldson, who I think tries too hard to come up with witty remarks all the time, when you do it too often you are a novelty and no longer can be taken seriously.

    Fareed’s essay in Time Magazine after 9/11 was analytical and precise. It is mandatory reading in many schools in political science and related curriculum. Hope he can put this behind him and move on. Responds:

    1. I doubt Fareed can easily move on.

    The New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer also had to quit recently over fabricated quotes.

    Plus, Fareed has to reckon with his not-so-White color.

    2. As far as Fareed’s contribution to the discipline of political science is concerned, his contributions are likely to be less than enduring. People still read Samuel Huntington’s Political Order in Changing Societies 44 years after it was published. I have skimmed through Fareed’s books at the library. I doubt they’ll have that kind of longevity.

    3. Sam Donaldson used to go for the jugular and like a pit-bull would hang on and not let go till he drew blood.

  2. Naveen   August 17, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Pardoned and reinstated Responds:

    we are entirely satisfied that the language in question in his recent column was an unintentional error and an isolated incident – Time

    Ha ha ha, if you steal once (isolated), it’s alright. Nothing to worry.

    Source for above quote: Huffington Post

  3. Naveen   August 17, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Did you hear about India’s Mars mission?? Responds:

    1. Mars mission? No, I’ve never heard of it.

    But I’ve heard about the Failure of the Roti mission on the launch pad.

    2. The Brits are stupid f*cks for providing 280 million pounds in annual aid to India when our (former) country has money to squander on Mars and Uranus missions, Prithvi, Agni ballistic missiles etc.

    No wonder the Not-So-Great Britain is today known only for drunken youths’ orgy of vomiting.

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