So Sad! Thuppakki Leaks on Pirate Sites

It’s a dark day for the Tamil film industry.

Folks, Vijay’s Diwali release Thuppakki has already leaked on to the pirate sites.

I’m so heartbroken!

In just over 24 hours after the movie’s release in theatres in the great state of Tamil Nadu and across the U.S., Thuppakki has made its insidious way into the pirate sites.

Atmus Entertainment,  U.S. Distributor of Thuppakki, is conceding the leak of pirated copies online via its Twitter account:

Thuppakki Leaks on Pirate Sites

Folks, we strongly abhor piracy.

Even if several Indian film makers blatantly steal, consumers ought not to go down that sordid path.

We paid $12 to watch this film at a theatre in the U.S. and do not condone stealing of any film – Good, Bad or even ugly like Thuppakki.

Atmus Entertainment is asking people to contact it with reports of piracy. Please see their below Tweet:

Report Thuppakki Piracy

Say No to pirated copies of Thupakki on Torrent, thiruttuvcd or other sites.

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