Nokia, Samsung, Sony Fuck Indian Hookers

Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, HTC and dozens of other cell phone brands and mobile carriers  have unshackled Indian prostitutes from their traditional hovels in Kamatipura (Mumbai), GB Road (Delhi), Walltax Road and Egmore station (Chennai), K.R.Market and Brigade Road (Bangalore), liberated them from the clutch of Madams and pimps and given these ‘birds of the night’ greater mobility and higher earnings.

Cell phones have also empowered and made it easy for vast numbers of Indian Sati Savitris (‘saintly women’) to dabble in prostitution to boost their income.

Thanks to cell-phones, Indian Housewives who were previously full-time preoccupied with preparing Dal and Roti for their Pati Parameshwars (husbands) are now part-time occupied with blowing and screwing Johns on the sly to boost the family income.

Countless young Indian girls have jumped into the Prostitution/Escorts fray for more pocket money than their families can afford to give them.

Hundreds of millions of Indians may not have a toilet in their homes but tens of millions of those without toilets possess cell phones now.

Even the lowliest, poorest Indians these days carry cell phones making it convenient for both prostitutes and their clients to arrange clandestine rendezvous for a quickie.

What Cell Phones Giveth, They Also Taketh

But cell phones are a double edged sword in India.

What cell phones give to hookers in higher earnings and freedom today, they take away tomorrow in serious health problems such as AIDS, Herpes and other sexually transmitted disease.

The Indian healthcare system is in a decrepit state, having been fucked long back by corrupt, greedy doctors and unscrupulous politicians and bureaucrats.

Private medical care is increasingly unaffordable for millions of Indians, more so for ‘costly’ diseases like AIDS, Herpes etc

In the long run, cell phones could well fuck Indian hookers badly and send them to an early grave.

Cell Phones and HIV Risks

A recent study by a team of researchers in Delhi, New York and Winnipeg (Canada) has found that cell phone use in soliciting customers is associated with increased HIV risk behavior among female prostitutes.

High risk behavior by prostitutes include inconsistent use of condoms with their clients, consumption of alcohol prior to sex, experience of sexually transmitted infection symptoms and difficulty in negotiating condom use with clients.

Use of cell phones by prostitutes has increased significantly in India.

In Andhra Pradesh, (a South Indian state whose best known exports to America are Dum Biryani, Telugu Bidda Raghunandan Yandamuri, crappy Telugu movies and software programmers), cell phone use by hookers in client solicitation has gone up from 3% in 2006 to 27% in 2011.

Cell phone use by prostitutes also makes it harder for social workers, health workers and NGOs to reach prostitutes to distribute condoms or to educate them on the risks of HIV and precautions to minimize chance of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The link between use of cell phones by prostitutes and higher risk of HIV is one of the best examples of the Law of Unintended Consequences.


As the ‘penetration’ of cell phones smartphones like iPhone or Android devices increases among Indian hookers, prostitution will put an end to brothels and Red Light Areas in cities and towns and expand the network of sex workers to as wide as the mobile network.

We can also expect to see a surge in video phone sex through video technologies like Facetime on the iPhone or Skype.

As long as men have pricks and cash to spend and women have pussies and need of cash, prostitution is going to stay with us.

Given the rampant hypocrisy of the Indian psyche, people who scream at prostitution during the day on ‘moral’ grounds are avid consumers at night.

Better to focus our energies on tackling the problem than decrying the ‘immoral’ habit on ‘moral’ grounds.

I recommend that outreach workers and India’s Ministry of Health:

* Must come together to work with cell phone companies like Apple and Google to provide free apps with information on getting free condoms, the risks of HIV and free medical checkups

* Work with mobile carriers and cell phone companies to proactively send out text and e-mail messages to all cell phone users over the age of 18 on the risks of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of both sex workers and clients using condoms

* Install kiosks dispensing free condoms at all hotels and lodges (where a lot of prostitution activity culminates)

Failure to address the health care challenges thrown up by new technologies such as cell phones in a poor nation like India can prove as devastating as the Black Plague that once decimated Europe!

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