Incredible India – Cowardly Indians Send Delhi Gang Rape Victim to Die in Singapore

In what is yet another tragic story in Incredible India, the Delhi gang-rape victim died in a Singapore hospital today.

The 23-year-old medical student died of multiple organ failure on Saturday in Singapore at 4:45AM local time (3:51PM Eastern Time, Friday).

The girl’s parents were by her side when she passed away at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

A gang of six savages brutally gang-raped the girl in a moving bus in India’s capital Delhi on December 16, 2012 and then beat her severely with an iron rod.

The young girl’s body is being brought back to India today.

Girl’s Only Mistake

The young girl’s only mistake was that she thought it was safe to see a movie The Life of Pi with her boyfriend on a cold Delhi evening.

After failing to get an autorickshaw to return home, the girl and her friend boarded a bus little realizing the ordeal that lay ahead of them.

Inside the moving bus, a six-member gang of Indian savages beat up the girl and her boyfriend, gang-raped the girl, assaulted her brutally with an iron rod, stripped her and threw the couple out of the bus.

The girl’s injuries were of such a horrific nature that some of her internal organs including small intestines were completely damaged.

Manmohan Singh Govt – Government of Impotents

Fearing a strong reaction from the public if the young girl died on Indian soil, the pathetic, corrupt and ineffective government of Manmohan Singh hurriedly shifted the girl to Singapore in an air-ambulance on Thursday.

If there’s no security for the average citizens in the nation’s capital Delhi,  you can well imagine the situation in the rest of the nation.

Although India is often hailed as the world’s largest democracy, that is an illusion.

The Indian government is nothing but a Klpetocracy, the rule of the corrupt.

If Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has any shame, he will resign over the failure of law and order in several parts of the country including the capital Delhi.

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5 Responses to "Incredible India – Cowardly Indians Send Delhi Gang Rape Victim to Die in Singapore"

  1. hispeed144   December 28, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    “The decision to shift the 23-year-old Delhi gang-rape victim to Singapore was purely on medical grounds and had no political overtures whatsoever – Sushilkumar Shinde”


    And we can expect the Fast-track courts to deliver the sentence for the guilty in another decade. Responds:

    1. The Congress Govt does not have the balls for anything except extorting money from the public and businesses through bribes.

    2. The poor girl’s only mistake in life – a desire to see Life of Pi with her boyfriend.

    Most likely, the six rapists will get the death sentence.

    • tiramisu   December 29, 2012 at 12:46 am

      I am certain that the judicial trial in this case will be fastracked and the guilty sentenced. There is a lot of media glare on this case, similar to the trial of the Mumbai hotel terrorists.

      However what about the thousands of cases that happen all over India that do not get this kind of attention ?

      I was reading somewhere that they were going to publicize the names of those guilty of rape to shame them. Sounds like a joke to me. Perpetrators in India are not exactly hanging their heads in shame ! Some have even reached lofty political office despite being accused of rape, murder and a host of other crimes.

      There is no strong deterrent against crime, people plan and plot to commit crime based on ground realities.

      First reality is if you have enough money one could pull off anything. Policemen, politicians anybody who wields power in the system can be bought.

      Secondly the judicial and criminal justice system is so broken and slow that the benefit of time wrests with the perpetrators.

      Things are worse in civil matters, people make a living committing civil crime because civil cases take years or decades before seeing light of the day.

      Another week shall pass and the media folks will move on to the next story. This day next year there maybe a few prayer vigils and processions.

      Five years from now this will be forgotten, except the fact this this victims family will have to live this for the rest of their lives.

      As they say ‘life goes on, certain things in India will never change’. I hope I am wrong on this one. Responds:

      As I near my grave, I’m increasingly convinced that without violence no system will change.

      Least of all, a calcified, savage, corrupt system like India.

      But the problem is the Middle Class, the vanguard of any revolution, is too busy watching Thupakki and Dabangg 2 to bother about the rampant injustice in the land.

      Salman Khan is the classic example of how hopeless the Indian judicial system is. The animal got away with Murder after killing a pavement dweller while driving drunk! Yet millions of Indians suck this beast’s dick in hopes of Moksha!

  2. iamthechampion007   December 29, 2012 at 2:17 am

    Felt really sad to hear this news.

    And this is just 1 incident.

    Lot of such bizarre incidents are taking place all over India.

    I dont know what the conditions in other countries are.

    Now, apart from giving capital punishments to the culprits, something must be done immediately to ensure that such incidents do not happen in future.

    But what should be done?

    Whatever it is, it must scare everyone so that they would never ever think of doing such ghastly acts. Responds:

    India is beyond redemption!

  3. kage_11   December 29, 2012 at 7:02 am

    RIP poor soul.

    I suspect that the poor girl must have died in India at Safdarjung hospital.

    The government wanted to show that they are concerned and are doing everything they can.

    They also wanted to avoid huge uproar before the Safdarjung by announcing that the girl is no more.

    The savage beasts must be punished with death sentence and it should be shown live on all channels to create some sort of fear in such people who see women as an easy target for their genital itch. Responds:

    In three days, Indians will forget her and start counting the days left for the release of Race 2 and Vishwaroopam!

  4. Sisri   December 29, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    I don’t know if we should be complaining about the attention the Delhi rape is getting, albeit one week, month or day. Any publicity or noise created is a path in the right direction.

    This is a good watch, Responds:

    I completely agree with Kavita Krishnan that women have every right to be adventurous, reckless, rash, dress how they wish and expect unqualified freedom.

    Not just women, anybody should have those rights she outlined in her speech – Young, Old, Foreigners, Migrants from Other States, Men, Gays, Transgender etc.

    The only limits on behavior should be – Do No Harm to Thy Neighbor.

    But it ain’t gonna happen because as a wise soul once said Man is Wolf to Man. Man in this context refers to any human not Man in the gender sense.

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