George Carlin – A Brilliant Entertainer

We live in an age where wise men are reviled and the dumb exalted to rarified heights.

Or maybe the world’s always been that way – the shit always rising to the top and the notion of ‘civilization’ a mere myth.

Maybe, civilization just means exchanging one form of brutality and assholes for another.

Giving up the stone for the knife. Caligula for the nut-jobs of the Crusades. The knife for the rack. Abandoning the rack for the noose. Leaving the Tsar for Stalin. The noose for the bullet. Bill Clinton for George W.Bush.  Ambush for land mines. Kim il Sung for Kim Jong il. Giving up Sanjay Gandhi for Narendar Modi. The bullet for the drones.

Amid the endless Sahara of idiots and assholes, rare is the Wise One.

Here’s a Wise Man and Great Entertainer most Indians have never heard of – Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the sui generis George Carlin.

I am not a Good American because I like to form my own opinions – George Carlin.

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One Response to "George Carlin – A Brilliant Entertainer"

  1. Naveen   March 12, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Both the videos completely refreshed me!

    Brilliant points!! Responds:

    The greatest invention of our era is the Internet.

    So many gems out there, but buried beneath the avalanche of InterNUT trash.

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