French Kissing gets an Official French Word

The French, the Americans and even the Indians have been doing it for a long while.

Oh, by ‘it‘ we mean French Kissing – You know putting your tongue out into your partner’s mouth and exploring the nooks and crannies of her (or his) mouth.

There are minor variations.

Sometimes both participants have their tongues out and engage in a bit of tongue wrestling. 😉

Bottom line, French Kissing is a tongue business and a more sexy, erotic, slower version of kissing.

Tongue Tied

But for long, “to French kiss” lacked an officially accepted French verb.

It’s as if French lexicographers were tongue tied when it came to finding an official word for French Kissing.

Thank God, not anymore.

The Petit Robert 2014 French dictionary, which came out today, includes the word “galocher.”

The word previously existed as a slang but has now been legitimized by its inclusion in the dictionary.

Galocher is a verb which means to kiss with tongues.

I don’t know about you guys but French Kiss sounds a lot sexier to me than “galocher,” which has the sound of a rainboots to it because of its similarity to galoshes.

Yes, I know you folks are Kamasutra gurus but just in case there’s an oddball SI reader unaware of How to French Kiss, here’s Johnny Depp demonstrating the technique with Amy Locane in the 1990 Hollywood film Cry Baby:

One Response to "French Kissing gets an Official French Word"

  1. apchi   May 30, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    And what about “rouler une pelle” ? 😉

    More seriously, have you seen “Cry Baby” ? It seems funny. Responds:

    Yes, rouler une pelle would do too! 😉

    No, I’ve not seen the non-tongue parts of Cry Baby!

    Will add the movie to my list.

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