Enemy of the State – NSA Thugs in Action

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The government has been in bed with the telecom industry since the 40s. They’ve infected everything. They get into your bank statements, computer files, listen to your phone calls…every wire, every air wave. – Brill in Enemy of the State

At the suggestion of one of SI’s many commenters, we watched Enemy of the State (1998) last night.

On YouTube!

The movie is fine!

No issues!

As we watched the movie, we poured ourselves a large Gilbey’s Gin, and another large Gilbey’s Gin and another large Gilbey’s Gin! 😉

Enemy of the State is a highly engrossing movie that showcases the gross abuse of power by people in powerful positions!

So when Obama says, Trust Us (as he did recently after disclosure of NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance of Americans), you must sneer at the charlatan!

Will Smith delivers a strong, compelling performance of an innocent man, a labor lawyer Robert Clayton Dean, hunted and hounded by the murderous, vindictive National Security Agency.

So why is our hero hounded?

Because Robert Clayton Doyle accidentally comes into possession of a deadly video tape about the NSA’s criminal activities.

Hell, no less than the murder of a Congressman, who’s against a dirty Telecommunications and Security and Privacy Act that the NSA would like passed.

Soon, the chase is on!

Robert Clayton Dean is smeared and his life destroyed!

That’s what happens when you cross power!

NSA agents are presented as boorish thugs who will stop at nothing to get hold of the tape.

Murders, and more attempted murders happen!

Was Enemy of the State an instance of Art imitating Life?

Who can say for sure!

The movie is, as the Indian Chutias would say, Paisa Vasool.

Weird Stuff – 9/11

Can you schmucks believe it?

The villain Thomas Brian Reynolds in Enemy of the State was born on 9/11.

Hey, this movie was made in 1998, three years before Osama bin Laden’s attack on America.

Whoever said life (truth) is stranger than fiction was right!

The movie is fast paced with Will Smith’s character bugged, marriage almost destroyed and relentlessly tracked by the NSA via satellites, bugs and helicopters.

Besides Will Smith, Gene Hackmann (as the former NSA agent Edward Lyle/Brill) and Jon Veight (Angelina Jolie’s real-life father plays the villain, senior NSA official Thomas Brian Reynolds) deliver powerful performances.

Hey, all cheapo desis, Enemy of the State is available in full for FREE on YouTube.

We strongly recommend the movie, Enemy of the State.

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4 Responses to "Enemy of the State – NSA Thugs in Action"

  1. Madmax673   June 8, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    I liked the way that wildlife researcher describes Jon Voight’s character on looking into the tape “Looks like serious vitamin D deficiency”.

    It’s interesting that you caught that “weird” stuff even though it’s a bit trivial to the story at that time.

    I am positive that there is another old flick that had to do with Gitmo where the villain’s DOB is 9/11. “A Few Good Men” (I think…not so sure).

    My guess would be that it’s the emergency call number that prompts the writers to come up with that DOB. I don’t know. They got to be meticulous in brainstorming everything, you see.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. Yeah, that ‘bird-guy’ was an interesting character even though his was a short role.

    At first when I saw him replacing the camera I was wondering what he was up to….Only after the guy got home did I realize who he was.

    2. I think your guess on the DOB rationale is right.

    3. Yes, the DOB is completely irrelevant to the overall story in 1998.

  2. boopalanj   June 8, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    No other movies are planned for this Saturday? 🙁

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. Departures – Yes, I got the DVD from Netflix today.

    2. The Purge – a new film.

    3. If you can access viki.com in India, I strongly recommend the 24-part Korean TV series Incarnation of Money (on power, ambition, crime and revenge).


    4. Danish TV series Borgen (on politics) is also good.

    • boopalanj   June 9, 2013 at 3:29 pm

      Similar to the 09/11 stuff, in the movie “Anbe Sivam” (2003), there was a dialogue referring to Tsunami in a conversation by the lead characters Sivam (Kamalhassan) – Anbu (Maadhavan). Anbu says dismissive “Tsunami? Adhellam namma oorla varadhunga” (“Tsunami? No, it wont happen in our side of the world”) and Sivam responds “Varum, Sir” (“It will, Sir”).

      The very next year (2004), one of the deadliest tsunamis struck even Tamilnadu (along with other countries in the Indian ocean). I bet millions of them in Tamilnadu first heard the word Tsunami only by then.

      SearchIndia.com Responds:

      I don’t remember the scene you refer to in Anbe Sivam but I suspect Kamal’s character was referring to the Tsunami in a figurative sense as a tidal force that will crush the existing unjust system.

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