Hot iPhone Deals at Walmart, AT&T

Yes, you can now get the iPhone 5 for just $99.

If you cheapo desis have been sitting on the sidelines, undecided on whether to get an iPhone or upgrade to the iPhone 5, there are a bunch of attractive deals that might spur you to take the plunge.

At least three companies, Walmart, AT&T and Best Buy, are offering attractive discounts on iPhone 5 and the two-year-old iPhone 4S.

It’s hard to say whether demand is sluggish for iPhones or the companies are getting rid of their inventory in preparation for a new iPhone model.

Most likely, it’s a combination of both.

I suspect demand for the iPhone has gotten a little weak given that rival smartphone Samsung Galaxy 4 has attracted so much positive buzz in recent weeks.

Plus, there’s lot of noise about a new iPhone 5S model releasing in the fall. So retailers might be looking to get rid of their excess inventory.

Discounts on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

Walmart Deal

Step into any of the Walmart stores and get an iPhone 5 for $129 (previously $189).

If you’re willing to settle for the older generation, less-cool iPhone 4S, the price slides down to $39 (previously $89).

You can’t get the low prices online but you have to go into the Walmart stores.

Apparently, these are not promotional prices at Walmart but permanent low prices.

Important: Walmart employees are clueless about the price-drop. When I went to the local Walmart a short while ago, the young lady at the counter had no idea about the lower prices and quoted me the old higher price. Only after looking up the prices on her screen, did she realize that iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S prices were now lower.

So if the Walmart employee quotes you a higher price insist politely that she check her screen.

AT&T – 50% Off

iPhone Deals at Walmart, AT&T, Best Buy

U.S. mobile carrier AT&T has also jumped into the iPhone promotion game with a limited time 50% off deal for smartphones costing up to $199.99.

This means you can get the iPhone 5 (16GB model) for just $99.99.

AT&T’s promotion is applicable to other smartphones too like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One or the Blackberry Z10, not just the iPhone 5.

The attractive part of AT&T’s promotion is that there’s no activation fee (you save about $36).

Go for the AT&T promotion online because the in-store program requires a trade in.

Best Buy Promo

Best Buy’s promotion is valid until June 30 and is a trade in program.

You receive a $150 Best Buy gift card when you trade in a working iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and use it toward the purchase of an iPhone 5 16GB ($149.99 with 2-year agreement).

If you can get the short-on-supply Phone 4S at Best Buy, it’s $49.

Of course, you have to sign a two-year-contract with carriers like AT&T, Verizon or Sprint to land these attractive prices.

Impact on Competition

Lower prices at Walmart, AT&T and Best Buy not only puts pressure on other iPhone retailers like Radio Shack, Apple store etc but also on rival brands like Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry and Windows phones.

We called Radio Shack and asked if they would match the lower prices of Walmart and AT&T. The lady who answered gave a qualified response (It seems she has to get a code by calling the company).

3 Responses to "Hot iPhone Deals at Walmart, AT&T"

  1. boopalanj   June 23, 2013 at 6:18 am

    So you bought another iPhone?!?!?! Responds:

    No! I’m happy with my iPhone 4.

  2. avynne   June 24, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Thank you very much. But No. I will rather wait another 4 months for 5S. Responds:

    iPhone 5S is supposed to come with faster processor, better battery and dual-LED flash.

  3. rama   June 25, 2013 at 6:58 am

    hi I am from India and looking out to buy an iphone it costs Rs45,000….so now its just only $100 over there ??..
    My question is if this $100 deal by walmart/AT&T is on the contract or you get the $100 for factory unlocked phone which can be used in india ??..

    My Cousin is currently in US and he will be back to India in another 4 months pls advice ….Also let me know what is the best way to bring back brand new iphone 5 from US to india..i have heard many stories like someone paying $200 & getting an iPhone 5 (in contract with a carrier ), puts the simcard and just keeps it on….sends back to India for his friend/cousin and then reporting back in US as lost and claiming a new piece via insurance..the guy in India takes it to a place and gets it unlocked via the latest techniques (i heard its called Turbo-sim now…no more jailbreak nowadays) and starts using it without any hassles…..Is this possible ?…does it have any legal consequences ?….phones being used in this type can do all software upgrades via itunes etc ?? Responds:

    1. Yes, it costs about $100. But that’s with a two-year contract for the service (and you pay a minimum of $75 per month for the service for 24-months).

    An iPhone without contract will likely cost in excess of $500.

    2. I have never purchased insurance for the phone. Also, I have never lost it (I’ve occasionally left it in restaurants but managed to retrieve it).

    So I wouldn’t know the legal repercussions of the “lost” but “not really lost” iPhone system. 😉

    3. You can ask your cousin to check on Craigslist…maybe he’ll stumble upon an attractive deal. But there’s a lot of fraud on Craigslist…so your cousin must be careful to ensure that he gets a good, working iPhone.

    4. iTunes upgrades are not a must.

    My iPhone 4 is still running on the older version of iOS for more than 18-months without hassles. Occasionally, I can’t install some apps because they require iOS 6 (mine is on running iOS 5.x because I’m concerned about battery issues with iOS 6). But for the most part there have been no issues.

    5. About 18-months back, when my friend from India was here he purchased an iPhone 4S at the Apple store. He lost it it a few months later on a domestic flight in India. He told me people leaving their iPhones in flights is not infrequent. So the next time you’re on a domestic flight in India be the last to get off. Who knows what you’ll fine! 😉

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