Indian Among Top 10 Contributors to Linux

Linux, as the cognoscenti know, is not the work of hobbyists writing code in the evenings while simultaneously eating Samosas, drinking Masala Chai and watching Ram Charan Teja romance Priyanka Chopra in the Bollywood dud Zanjeer.

Linux is serious business, the work of talented and dedicated programmers toiling to deliver a robust operating system for enterprises large and small.

Linux is so robust that it underpins enterprise computers at Google, the National Security Agency, IBM and countless other organizations.

So it’s with great joy I learned this morning that an Indian is among the Top-10 contributors to the development of the Linux kernel (the core of the operating system).

And he (of course, it’s a he) is Sachin Kamat.

State of Linux 2013

Who is Sachin Kamat?

Based on some quick online research, I found that Sachin has been working with Samsung’s semiconductor division since 2003.

Sachin has been beavering away on multimedia (audio, video and image), work that involves integration of hardware codecs, optimization and development of components and framework for multimedia playback and recording on platforms including Linux, Symbian and Android on various Samsung System on a Chip platforms (based on ARM core).

Sachin is also involved with the Linaro project that’s engaged on optimizing Linux software and tools to run well on ARM processors.

Linaro is a significant contributor to Linux 3.10 kernel.

2 Responses to "Indian Among Top 10 Contributors to Linux"

  1. araj   February 1, 2014 at 1:55 am

    What’s his background? Responds:

    Other than his day job at Samsung, I’m not aware of other details.

    Are you by any chance trying to tell me some thing? Like has this guy developed a Hydrogen Bomb in his garage etc??? 😉

    (I read an aside in an article the other day in the New York Review of Books November 21, 2013 issue that India is working on a Hydrogen Bomb….I wonder what the current status is.)

  2. araj   February 3, 2014 at 8:41 am

    Just curious because I often wonder how much of knowledge in machine language or the intricacies of hardware is a prerequisite to be a top contributor/inventor to/of any core software…..

    As for the india’s hydrogen bomb, I have no clue about their latest efforts but India conducted operation Shakti-I in 1998 to presumably test a thermonuclear device. But the yields of the same were debatable so as to claim ‘success’…. Responds:

    I suppose much knowledge of hardware would not be required for developing system software compared to developing platform specific application software.

    Since India is spending billions on the nuclear program, it’d be interesting to know what the status of the Hydrogen Bomb is.

    Perhaps India should test its efficacy by dropping it on the savages a.k.a. Pakistan.

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