WTF are Africans Doing in India?

I can easily understand people migrating permanently or temporarily to America, Oman or Western Europe from shitholes like India, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon, Somalia etc.

Which Third World rat doesn’t crave a better life for himself and his family in a richer nation.

With stars in their eyes, countless people (including yours truly) have abandoned the sinking ships of their derelict countries and headed West.

But what I can’t for the life of me understand is why so many Africans, Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans have dropped anchor in India of all places (in Delhi, Goa, Mumbai etc).

Did the African ship run aground in India?

Or was India the Africans’ last resort after their U.S. and UK visa applications got bounced?

India Gate in Delhi

India – Hard Terrain

India is inhospitable terrain for the majority of Indians, more so in soulless, crumbling megalopolises like Delhi and Mumbai.

Millions of Indians in Delhi and Mumbai wage a hard struggle daily for crumbs. Trapped in an endless nightmare, several Indians have snapped and turned into whackos who rape, rob and kill without a second thought in Delhi, Mumbai and the hinterlands.

When India cannot adequately feed, clothe, and house Indians, how can Mera Bharat Mahaan support several thousand Africans across the country.

Now the Africans are in the news thanks toย Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti’s midnight raid and rant against Nigerians and other Africans in Delhi accusing them of drug peddling, engaging in prostitution and vitiating the atmosphere in areas like Khirki Extension in South Delhi.

Indians – Pukka Racists

Unlike American capitalists who will gladly hire anyone, legal or illegal, as long as he’s willing to work at rock-bottom wages, Indians at all levels are deeply biased against dark-skinned people and unlikely to hire Africans in any capacity.

Plus, it’s safe to say the majority of Africans in Delhi, Goa or Mumbai are not highly skilled people, Harvard MBAs or legal residents whose services are a must to realize the goal ofย Shining India!

So how do these Africans survive in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa etc when legal avenues of employment are closed to them.

AAP is Right

I’m inclined to agree with the Aam Aadmi Party minister Somnath Bharti that crime must be the only option for Africans in India to survive.

Of course, the corrupt Delhi police must be turning a blind eye to nefarious activities of Africans in exchange for their usual “20% commission.”

It’s possible that India is a major shipment point in heroin trafficking (originating in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia and ending in North America and Western Europe) and that a lot of African men are now trying to corner the local drugs business while their womenfolk keep their home fires burning by earning extra income on the side by blowing some desperate local chutiyas.

In a long life, I’ve encountered many bizarre things but rarely something so weird as India being seen as a land of opportunity by foreigners. The last time it happened was in the 18th century when British ships started sailing into Indian ports with frequency. And that didn’t end well for Indians for nearly two centuries.

I suppose in a few years, we’ll have a new group of ethnic Indians known as African-Indians, born in India, watching Bollywood films, staging dharnas, calling bandhs, participating in morchas, and playing cricket and Kabbadi.

Ten years from now, would this new ethnic Indian group,ย  African-Indians,ย  clamor for inclusion under Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. guruji   January 26, 2014 at 8:46 am

    “Indians โ€“ Pukka Racists”

    Truly speaking, a new term has to be coined to describe the kind of racism Indians practice.

    Typically, racists discriminate against people, who are not like them.

    Indians are unique in the sense, they discriminate most of the time against Indians, when pitted against Caucasians.

    They take “racism” to a new level!

    I have never seen a worse bunch of self-loathing low lives! Responds:

    You write: Indians are unique in the sense, they discriminate most of the time against Indians, when pitted against Caucasians….I have never seen a worse bunch of self-loathing low lives!

    True, Indians are more discriminatory against their own brethren than against others.

    This could be because of the timidity of the Indian soul when it comes to confronting outsiders.

    A more cowardly bunch of humans than these Brown-skinned bastards a.k.a. Indians I have yet to encounter.

    • fotobirajesh   January 27, 2014 at 6:53 am

      You are very right. The word racism is not enough to present the levels of descrimination suffered by the poor and backward castes of India. A friend of mine mentioned Brahminical racism, as he thought the reason behind the caste based descrimination is taken directly out of their vedic books. I dont think, even that word is enough. What word can describe the attitude shown to the people who have to remove human excreta with bare hands and all similar sorts of things, all that for shitty wage of even less than rs.50 a day…

      There are still a lot of different kind of racists in India, who if given an option to employ a black Indian or black foreigner, would go for the black foreigner, because he feels pride in having a foreigner in his office and also being an employer of a foreigner. Lots of foreigners, even whites, are working in India as interns and all, which can be of course done by Indians, but the foreigner get the job at a higher payment, just because for the personal satisfaction of the ‘great’ Indian employer.
      The fact is there are jobs in India, for which foreigners deserve a job and there are thousands like this, but there are also more than thousands, who are working in India, just because of the above reason.
      Getting Indian work visa is such an easy job. All what they need is to show a certificate that they earn usd25k a year.
      I will not agree that all these black people in India from Africa etc are after drug or illegal things. There should be others too.
      The sad part is, all these white girls – regular features of all Indian movie dances now – no police will dare to have a look at their visa.

  2. kage_11   January 26, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    Off Topic:
    A nice video about the paid news in India –

    The air we breath is impure, the food we eat is Genetically Modified, the water we drink is sold with vitamins, mineral fortified artificially or fake. The news is cooked and paid, the medicine prices are fixed and inflated

    Will we ever get to know what truth is or reality is?? ๐Ÿ™ Responds:

    1. I just watched your entire 54-minute video. Did you see the entire video? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But why this gnashing of teeth and wailing!

    Nothing surprising here.

    Media does not exist in a vacuum. Media is part of the daily reality of Indian society, part of the rotten system of Profitability At Any Cost!

    2. The issue of “Paid News” will further worsen since the younger generation wants all news to be free. No such thing as a free lunch.

    3. That said, I’m in favor of Times of India MediaNet scheme of getting celebrities and movie stars to pay for coverage.

    Why should an idiot like Abhishek Bachchan or a thug like Salman Khan get free media exposure to make money?

    4. Things are not very different in the U.S.

    Murdoch’s trashy piece of shit Fox News has been in bed with the Republican Party for a long time.

  3. rmadasu   January 27, 2014 at 10:27 am

    I agree that a lot of people in India are prejudiced against dark skin and Africans with black skin may be bearing the brunt of this attitude just like White Europeans are treated like Gods for their pasty skin.

    The flip side is that there are a lot of people in India who want to act like they don’t discriminate against dark skin or who want to show how they are better and more sophisticated than their ignorant brothers and sisters by engaging with the Africans.

    Also the attitude of the youngsters may be changing and there will be some generational shift in attitude.
    The young people want to be cool and sometimes hanging out with the Africans is one way to achieve it.

    Just look at all the White Suburban boys in the West who adopted the hip hop style, the Black accent and lots of other things to achieve coolness. Responds:

    1. Prejudice against dark-skinned people in India is also a function of class and caste.

    There’s a high degree of correlation of class with color, whether in India, Europe or the U.S.

    For centuries, dark-skinned people have tended mostly to belong to the lower-classes or lower castes.

    2. Forget hip-hop. I’m just discovering 1920s Jazz. So it’ll take a while before my train arrives at the Hip-Hop station.

    In preparation for my Hip-Hop years, I’m occasionally dipping into ghetto slang – ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. kage_11   January 27, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    Enjoy the conviction and clarity of thought of our future leader! ๐Ÿ™‚ Responds:

    Wow, it took only 10-years for the first TV interview!

    I watched/read it in full yesterday.

    The Duffer didnโ€™t fully flunk out.

    I’d give Duffer a C- for his performance on TV. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Fence sitter   January 31, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    Partially agree with you, India is a poor country unable to provide social security to own citizens let alone migrants, and Indians are racist, most won’t let out their house to anyone out their religion or hire Africans in their company, however the reason why so many people from third world choose India as their temporary home proves that something works.

    India is poor due to Cong’s socialist policies, however people are pro free market, cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh etc are truly metropolitan where a person of any nationality or race can find his community at peace with the city. In fact nobody can claim to be a majority in some of these metros.

    Indians are largely tolerant. They won’t invite them to their homes but are peace with people of any religion or race, unlike most other countries where race & religious intolerance is much more. For example, a native Delhiite’s intolerance towards a Bihari matches his intolerance for say a Nigerian. Far worse race attacks take place in Australia than in India which is largely a tolerant society.

    Most Africans come to India mainly for a good education, now of course Indian Universities are a few notches below Harvard & Cambridge, but those Africans do not have to loot their local banks to get an education in India, they can do that out of their own savings.

    In fact Indian environment is far more liberal than most of the west for diverse nationalities to reside and go about their job, poor yes but illiberal no. Responds:

    1. You write: India is poor due to Cong’s socialist policies, however people are pro free market,

    Indian People are pro free market????

    What Rubbish!

    What “people” are you talking about?

    My guesstimate is that at least 700m (if not more) Indians are waging a daily struggle for sheer survival, meaning their daily bread and shelter are at serious risk every day.

    This 700 million block doesn’t give a flying fuck about pro-market, anti-market or other gobbledygook. Their sole concern is survival for that day.

    Free markets survive, nay thrive on exploitation of the most vulnerable sections of society. Let’s not sing its paeans without thinking deeply about its harmful effects.

    The free market votaries in India are the corporations and the few hundred million people who have benefited from the existing unfair system.

    2. Regarding your point on India’s socialist policies ruining the country, I have held changing views on the subject over several decades.

    Now I think that what Nehru did 1947 onward in establishing a socialist canopy over the Indian economy was the right thing in its time. It helped to establish a foundation of qualified engineers and scientists via the public sector, provided an strong industrial base in different corners of the nation, helped in raising living standards for millions, helped to establish a strong middle class, built a strong set of universities, IITs, IIMs, RECs etc that would not be possible if education was in your beloved free-market private category.

    Nehru, thanks to his wide reading and deep reflection, was a wise man unlike most of the semi-literate leaders like Indira, Morarji, Charan Singh, Devegowda etc who followed him.

    But the Indian socialist framework soon got highly corrupted, particularly in the post-Nehru era.

    3. There are no free markets anywhere in the world. Get real. Not even in the U.S., the so called bastion of free markets.

    When things got hot and the going got tough for the American corporate overlords, the free market pioneers (Goldman Sachs, Citicorp etc) were all bailed out in a big way by the U.S. government. That is Corporate Socialism at its worst. They’re even bailing out gambling dens in the U.S. –

    4. The ideal economic framework for any country would be a highly regulated free market system with a strong social safety net.

    But given the imperfections of human beings, that will remain a mirage.

    5. You write: In fact Indian environment is far more liberal than most of the west ….

    I don’t know which ‘West’ you’re talking about because a lot of Western nations including U.S. (my country), UK, France etc now have large immigrant populations. Several Western European countries still have left of center/socialist economic frameworks underpinning their societies and the countries have not gone to the dogs.

    Indians are liberal to some extent in their embrace of foreigners but that’s more because of the weird Indian mentality of sucking up to any outsider (i.e. any foreigner be he Black or White).

    U.S. is fairly liberal in its attitude toward immigrants, largely because of a tradition of immigration. Racism exists here too but it’s more subtle and does not affect day-to-day life.

    6. Yes, the Australian attacks are highly publicized. But is there really an explosion of attacks, are the attacks affecting daily lives for most indians….I doubt it.

    There will always be a lunatic ‘White’ (whose color could be Black, Brown, Yellow or even White) fringe in most countries.

    7. I’m happy about the affordable Indian education system although I hear things are changing for the worse even there. College education is a sure path toward high debts in the U.S. I’m talking of debts of $100k plus.

  6. Fence sitter   February 1, 2014 at 4:19 am

    The parallel economy of India is many times bigger than the recorded and taxed economy. It employs many times more people than the formal economy. You can see India’s retail markets (not malls and high end shops that are minuscule) wholesale markets, most of informal manufacturing sector, trade of agricultural produce, there is no better example of free markets, and this is the economy most Indians are associated with and employed in, not the Infosyss, Tatas & Wipros of India. The best example of free trade can be seen in the housing sector, where most purchases are in cash and prices are market driven, or take an auto rickshaw to go from point A to point B, you can’t negotiate that ride without first negotiating the price which is market driven. That is what I meant when I said most Indians are pro & comfortable with free market. People don’t run to government and stop traffic to regulate the price for those things or demand social security like in many so called Capitalist countries of west. India may be a socialist country, even then, only a small section of the entire economy is regulated by govt policies.

    Yes a huge section of the population finds it difficult to make ends meet, 700 million is a wild guess and as accurate as guessing the size of the parallel economy. But if you remove the parallel economy & make it, say, illegal, these people are sure to starve to death. IOW, socialist state and left intellectuals might like to think that it is helping the bulk of poor make a living & pat it’s own back, but in fact it is the parallel market economy that is giving the poor their daily bread and other necessities to make a living.

    Free market or Socialism debate requires a far bigger forum and is a totally different debate, but it would suffice to say that the Capitalist countries have far better social security systems than the socialist countries. See Nordic countries for example. You can not run social security schemes on borrowed money, but socialism thinks it can.

    Multiculturalism of west is tokenism at best. You only find them in cities like London. Try going into Rural England or for that matter Rural France & Germany to get a taste of real tolerance west has towards multiculturalism. Whereas multiculturalism in India is beyond tokenism. You can even go to Rural India and you will find diverse cultures peacefully co-existing. Yes these cultures clash from time to time, but you can’t compare those clashes with the west where that diversity in non-existent. Responds:

    1. Existence of a parallel economy in India doesn’t mean people are pro-free market. It only means people are pro-cheap (as in low prices). Unregulated free market economies are often at two extreme – very cheap or very expensive (price gouging). Large numbers of Indians being “associated” with the free market doesn’t mean that people are in love with it. It’s a hobson’s choice for most. It’s this parallel economy or informal sector in India that you so love that provides so little to its actors or practitioners.

    2. Nobody suggested parallel economy should be removed or made illegal in India.

    3. All I’m saying is that given the inherent predatory nature of most humans, free market systems are often captured by the corporate elite and policies are made primarily to serve their interests.

    4. As I said earlier, the best form of govt would be a regulated Free Market economy with a solid safety net.

    5. Last I checked Nordic countries were not on the verge of collapse. They’re doing better than the so-called capitalist nations on indicators like health-care, life span etc. It’s countries like Iceland which rank amok on debt that got into trouble.

  7. msveda   February 1, 2014 at 11:39 am

    Fence sitter is the new urban middle class guy, who simply doesn’t know the ground realities of India.

    All these private employees and businessmen simply take advantage of poorly educated Masses and manipulate the system and Country.

    And lazy, corrupt Government officials are useless in stopping private Concerns and businessmen from looting India. You have got Politicians who actively cooperate with private Concerns and businessmen in looting country.

    India is simply an insane country. There is no redemption for People and Country. Responds:

    You write: Fence sitter is the new urban middle class guy, who simply doesn’t know the ground realities of India.

    Fence Sitter is an educated, reasonably well informed person.

    The prism through which he/she views the Indian ‘reality’ is different.

    You cannot summarily dismiss a person who disagrees with your weltanschauung as ignorant of the realities.

    I believe unbridled capitalism is fertile ground for extreme exploitation of the vulnerable sections but he/she believes only the free market can unleash the energies of the masses and propel us on the path toward faster growth.

    The problem with capitalism and free-market systems is that they soon derail into a savage I-want-all-and-will-take-all models and they become extremely difficult to regulate as the U.S. has proved.

    • msveda   February 2, 2014 at 12:54 pm

      You almost agreed upon my point. The reason I remarked fence sitter doesn’t know about realities of India, is capitalist and free market system didn’t succeed in India in past 23 years, since Manmohan Singh announced liberal reforms in 1991 when he was Finance minister of India.

      Poverty has doubled and Income between rich and poor heightened in this last 20 years. People couldn’t afford quality education and health, housing due to high inflation, which is result of Capitalism, pro free economy.

      Rising Crime rates are best example of failure of Capitalist economy in India. Corruption has thrived well in Capitalist economy and Talent, Skills are failed by Capitalist economy.

      And if India continues to pursue Capitalist economy in future years, there will be Civil War; as only certain sections of Hindus have benefited from Capitalist economy.

      In short, Capitalism is quickest way for India to dig her own grave. Responds:

      1. A lot of people look at the world through the prism of their own experiences.

      That’s why empathy does not come easily.

      2. Income inequality is rising not just in India, but in other countries as well (like U.S., for instance).

      3. I doubt India will ever have a civil war because of poverty or rising income inequalities….Poverty does not foster unity.

      If India ever goes through a civil war, it’ll be on language, religious or regional grounds.

      I predict the Swaminarayan group may separate from Hinduism, sowing the seeds of Gujarat’s attempt to secede from India. It won’t happen any time soon. Perhaps in a few decades.

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