Logitech Declares Americans are Idiots

Millions of Americans pay less than $99 for their spanking new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C.

That’s because a huge number of American consumers trade in their existing iPhones when Apple puts out a new model.

For instance, I paid a mere $59 for my new iPhone 5S (16GB) at Best Buy last year after trading in my three-year-old iPhone 4 (which I had maintained in pristine condition thanks to my tank-like Ballistic case).

Logitech Case+ for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5Logitech Case+ for iPhone 5S/5 – $200

Logitech Case+

And now comes along Logitech with the $200 Case+ for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5.

Case+ includes a case, wallet, tilt stand, car drive mount and battery pack.

The back of the case is magnetized so that the other parts can attach to it.

Logitech Case+ Magnetized BackLogitech Case+ (left) has Magnetized Back

The extra battery juice is useful but it’s not worth $200. Since Case+ is not available in unbundled form, you have to get the whole shebang – wallet, tilt stand, drive mount and all.

From the looks of the Case+, I can see that this case is not a rugged cover and will not protect my iPhone 5S should I drop it on the sidewalk or the train platform.

Thank you, Logitech. I’ll stick to my tested and trusted $25 Ballistic case.

And when the battery runs low on my iPhone 5S, I’ll pop into America’s largest rest-room chain Starbucks and charge it for free! 😉

In case you belong to the category of idiots, Case+ is available for pre-order.

I can’t imagine many Americans will splurge $200 on a case for a device that cost them no more than $50-$99.

If you ask me, poor sales of Case+ will force Logitech to dump the sucker on Groupon in a few months for $99 or less. 😉 At that price, Case+ might be worth a look.

N.B.: Why is Logitech giving only a 1-year warranty in America but 2-years in Australia for the unbundled Case+tilt?

What’s Inside Case+ Box

Case [+] protective case
[+] tilt magnetic panel
[+] wallet
[+] drive car mount
[+] energy battery pack (2300 mAh of power)
USB Charging cord
Universal Adapter
Dashboard Adapter
Part Number: PN 989-000139

One Response to "Logitech Declares Americans are Idiots"

  1. rmadasu   May 1, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Lets wait and see, they might actually prove that Americans are idiots by selling a lot of this or another way of looking at it is some people have too much money to burn.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Dumb as the American lumpenproletariat is, they still have some of their marbles intact!

    These Case+ suckers will be on Groupon & LivingSocial in a few months!

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