Is it Ram or Ravan in Ram’s Garb?

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  1. msveda   May 27, 2014 at 5:55 am

    I am 100 percent confident that Modi’s rule will signal the end of India. He is a Upper Caste, Private Concerns Chavunist.

    Just Check Incidents that have happened in past one week. Responds:

    If you’re blaming bus and train accidents on Modi, why not add Kochadaiiyan’s overseas BO response too. 😉

    After all, Modi went to Rajini’s house for a meeting.

    • msveda   May 27, 2014 at 10:22 am

      Eventhough UP Train accident happened more than 12 hours back, there is no condolences from Modi until now.

      Modi didn’t appeal for People to remain Calm after Hindu-Muslim Minor skirmishes happened in Ahmedabad yesterday.

      His Choice of Cabinet is ridiculous, with tainted People like Nitin Gadkari being Offered Post of Cabinet Minister, primarily as he was from Upper Caste.

      Already Air India union has offered to privatize Air India, on fear of facing Modi Government Machinery.

      After Five years of Modi Rule, Rich=Poor divide will grow extreme, such that India will decay into utter debris.

      Only if he forego his stupid mantra of “Development” for “Equality and Justice”, India will recover. But I am sure, Modi will destroy nation with his Crony Capitalist Policy.

      • Twig   May 27, 2014 at 12:33 pm

        There are blind people and there are super blind people like msveda.

        I doubt if msveda’s neurons are firing at all. The danger posed by intellectually super lazy people – coupled with not providing a solution approach – is dangerous to India.

        And msveda perpetuates that dangerous problems.

        Ha! enough of personal bashing. Now let me answer the super duper hyper ultra ignoramus mseda accusations and worthless -link everything to Modi-type retorts without even doing a proper research.
        (i.e asking that super god Google)

        1. Modi is not Upper Caste. His caste was Modi-Ganchi which was added to OBC in 1994

        2. On Train accident, see this, Modi’s condolence.

        Exgratia by him:

        3. Appeal for calm? Next time your kid cries, msveda Modi would also appeal for calm.
        The fight started and ended even before Modi became PM of India officially. Also, the fight
        started because of the usual stupid reason.

        The situation is normal now.

        4. Cabinet ? “Primarily he was from upper caste?” See, intellectual laziness again. Modi’s cabinet
        is held by many (considering all the compulsions: Consider the pressure of having to have representatives from states which send more BJP members, NDA allies, castes, gender, RSS, religion, all states, Old guard of the BJP). Modi to the maximum chose performance in the cabinet.

        5. Air India Union? Where do you get this Mr msveda?

        6. “Equality and Justice” ? How the hell will you create this ? without developing or generating products (through manufacturing sector) ? Please provide a solution. Don’t be a just “complaint bag”. If you do not provide solutions and only start whining then you are part of the problem. Remember, if you do not provide solutions or at least attempt to solve some problem in your own small ways and just start whining like a buffoon, you are part of the problem.

        Crony Capitalism? Lo. It has become a fashionable word these days.

        The pathetic state of India currently, and why people like SI dumped India, to USA is because of crony socialism.

        Crony Socialism doesn’t create opportunities to grow. Crony Socialism doesn’t unleash the animal spirit in the form of Entrepreneurial ship and will result in lazy humanity which India was till 1990s. Responds:

        1. Capitalism is no more a panacea than Socialism was to the erstwhile Soviet union and its satellite states.

        The problem with all isms is that over time they degenerate into unbridled versions of the ideology.

        With socialism, you get the monster Stalin on the one hand and in quasi-socialist nations like India we are burdened with affliction of License-Raj system and the attendant widespread corruption because the govt has the power to allot scarce resources (manufacturing licenses, quotas, land, import licenses, tax benefits etc).

        With unbridled capitalism, the unleashing of entrepreneurial energies gets you Silicon Valley or Manhattan where the worker-bees face commutes of 2-hours or more and share none of the massive benefits of mega wealth created by tech startups or Wall St but only suffer higher costs (housing, schools, baby-sitters etc). You’re also saddled with astronomical hospital bills for simple procedures, huge student loans etc. You also see massive campaign contributions by the wealthy that compels lawmakers in Congress to draw up public policies (bailouts of falling financial companies) in favor of not their constituents but their campaign contributors.

        Bottom line, I’m deeply pessimistic there will ever be any change in favor of moderation or the Middle Road given two millenniums or more of abhorrent, extremist human behavior.

        2. As for MS Veda’s misanthropic and misogynistic views, quot homines tot sententiae (so many men, so many opinions).

        3. For good or bad, Narendra Damodardas Modi will be a different kettle of fish.

        The un-Manmohan Prime Minister!

        To modify a famous Chinese curse, Indians live in interesting times. 😉

        • Naveen   May 28, 2014 at 1:12 am

          @Twig, how do you know msveda is a guy (“Where do you get this Mr msveda?”). It could be Miss Veda = msveda.


          MSVeda could even be an Indian Undercover Cop testing all of us through provocative remarks on politics and society!

          Most large police outfits in the U.S. and India now have Social Media units to monitor activities on blogs, FB, Twitter etc.

          As I’ve said in the past, I know at least two current commenters on SI who are undoubtedly undercover cops. But those two are U.S. cops (if you include the one I deleted in the past that makes it three U.S. cops).

          MS Veda could be our first Indian undercover cop. 😉

          I’m not saying he/she is an undercover cop but it’s best to exercise some skepticism when MSVeda says things like “Most Upper caste working women are absolute prostitutes” as he did yesterday. Also, quite a few of his/her comments on Indian politics are incendiary.

          U.S. undercover cops have developed some degree of refinement in their work as I’ve noticed over the years although they too let down their guard occasionally. But since this whole undercover social media monitoring stuff is new to Indian cops they could still be a little raw in their work.

  2. sam   May 27, 2014 at 7:17 am

    He is Ram in Narendra Modi’s garb for India.

    • Naveen   May 28, 2014 at 1:09 am

      I’d rather that he is Krishna in Modi’s garb. Krishna was smarter than Ram, who lost his wife, who tested his wife and then doubted his wife. Responds:

      Speaking of the doubting quality, Narendra Modi is extremely paranoid.

      And that quality has stood him in good stead all these years.

      • Naveen   May 29, 2014 at 2:06 am

        Would you consider doing a post on SI’s view on Ram vs. Krishna? Responds:

        Not sure to whom this is addressed!

  3. msveda   May 28, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    To all Upper Caste heroes, I am sorry for insulting you (Twig and SI).

    1. I am not a retard to Know that Modi is OBC, but he is highly influenced by Upper Caste RSS; which leaves no room for OBCs, Muslims, Dalits, tribals and other minorities to Voice their Opinion.

    2. India is a Federal republic and also a Democracy. Here People of Different Beliefs and Customs exist in Harmony. You Brahmins and Upper Caste People cannot simply enforce us your way of Lifestyle.

    3. Regarding misogynistic views of me, I never attacked Women of India. i was only harsher on Upper Caste Women and it is true, if you Live in streets of India.

    Many Upper Caste women have Miserably failed in Marriage Life, due to their non appreciation of Truth over Attraction. Even those who have succeeded in marriage Life, have lost their Property to some Blue collar shits; mainly because they believe that they are correct. (I, myself hailing from Upper Caste was aghast to see my relative and educated women to lose their Property idiotically to some diploma, school dropouts on various motives).

    Generally Speaking, in current Situation; Upper Caste Women are unaware of Social Problems and always tend to betray the People who Loved them Most. They are simply swayed by Consumerism, Sweet talks.

    4. Again if SI enjoys American Lifestyle, Let him do it. I don’t give a god damn. I love Indian way of Life, Views and why you Geniuses want to spoil it in name of “Development”.

    To Geniuses, biggest plus point of India is “Unity in Diversity”. Geniuses don’t destroy Indian Lifestyle and Views, which has evolved throughout years, for sake of becoming Developed Nation. Then you great People will suffer a lot.

    5. I am not a retard to opine about Air India, please read this Geniuses (sorry).

    As many as 40000 employees are working in Air India. If Modi goes on privatizing it, how many employees will be retained by private Concerns? And those who are left out, can they get jobs?

    6. Private Concerns in India are dominated by Brahmins and Upper Castes. Public Sector provides Employment to Rest of People. Your Crony Capitalism attitude, will destroy Public Concerns and boost Private Sector.

    Instead of growing, first give opportunities to all People. Then, some will advance and Most will be left Behind.Ignorant twig, India is suffering From f****** CRONY CAPITALISM and Crony socialism.

    People like Ambani, Raja, Kanimozhi, Adani, and many more are byproducts of f******, , f******, f******, f****** CRONY CAPITALISM.

    Then how come you cannot find single remarkable Indian Player in FMCG Sector. Are you out senses, Twig?

    Do you think Crony Socialism has enabled Pepsi and Coca Cola to flood Indian Market with their products. There is not even a single remarkable Indian Player in Carbonated drinks Market.

    5 star, Dairy Milk, Lays, Perk, Munch and whole lot of Confectioneries that dominate Confectionery Market are products of Cadbury’s and Nestle. Are they products of Crony socialism? Do you ever remember, that a toffee called “AASAI” existed in Market? Do you know, where (Nutrine Confectioneries) are doing?

    You Ignorant “TWIG”, because of Capitalist sycophants like you, there is not even a single remarkable Indian Manufacturer in FMCG sector. All the Profits are reaped by MNCs, and brokers, prostitutes who work in such organisations.

    My Target is not Modi, its Crony Capitalism and Divisive Politics that he sponsor is my target.

    If he want to help India, he should mend his policies; otherwise, he will have a rude and tough Time. I am not Capitalist schmuck, who lacks Integrity. I am a Man who have own ideals and I abide by it. And there are Lakhs of People like are r me in India, who are ready to fight against your evil designs.

    I am ready to Lay my Life for victory of my Ideals. Will you do it; ignorant, divisive, Capitalist and Racist “Twig” and whole lot of Capitalist sycophants hiding in SI?

    I am a simple minded and nature Loving Person; and if i find anything wrong, I will oppose it by any Means. Come on, you development geniuses; come on. You Ignorant People couldn’t Save Agriculture from death, which has served India for thousands of years and now you are going to develop Nation.

    You think you can get away easily by ignoring, neglecting and Oppressing people Like us. Responds:

    1. More power to you, sweetie!

    2. I agree with you that “Development” is not all that’s made out to be, particularly when we take into account the hidden costs of climate change, polar ice-sheets melting, rising ocean levels, greenhouse gases, Ozone layer holes, destruction of forest cover, ultra long-term storage of nuclear wastes etc.

    In 99.9% of discussions and calculations of development, these hidden costs are never taken into account.

    3. You write: My Target is not Modi, its Crony Capitalism and Divisive Politics that he sponsor is my target.

    With their competing ideologies and programs, all politics is divisive, But I will concede that some are more divisive than others (Thank You, Orwell)

    4. You seem fixated on caste but I think in several parts of India class is the clinching factor.

    5. On privatization of public sector enterprises, we ought not to throw the baby with the bath-water. Poor management and political interference has brought great infamy on these enterprises. There are instances of state owned enterprises doing well in Singapore and perhaps elsewhere. But the BJP seems hell-bent on privatization.

    6. Since I’m not much of an expert on Upper Caste Indian women and their weakness for “Blue Collar shits” (your words), I will refrain from responding to your comments on them.

    BTW, I humbly refute your depiction of me as an Upper Caste hero. 😉

  4. msveda   May 28, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    To all geniuses who vouch for Development, Read this Article. Responds:


    In my response to one of your earlier comments a few minutes back I mentioned the hidden costs of development (primarily the hit to the environment).

  5. Twig   May 28, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Ah! I knew that I made a mistake. I distance myself from personal bashing or ad hominem attacks but this time I couldn’t resist to mock the sheer stupidity of msveda. Stupidity because he/she/it follows the dangerous path of hatred and whining. I’ve just just called him “fool”, “ignorant”, or “intellectually lazy” because he/she/it couldn’t even do 1 minute research before jumping down to conclusions.(For ex: On train accident and riots. ) Now, he/she/it calls me – “racist”, “divisive” – even though my argument didn’t even hint any of these traits even in minutest way.

    As I always say, people like msveda don’t do shit. They just complain. whine, indulge in seeing the world through the eyes of *hatred* and do name calling and feel good about themselves.

    *hatred* is a dangerous thing. It does not solve any problems. Just like a idiot Hindu would blame everything on islamic invasions and Muslims and espouse hatred for Muslims, in the same way the unfortunate *low-caste* people espouse hatred for *upper-caste* Hindus. The amount of Dalit literature I have seen, and the amount of Dalit politics I have been engaged in made one point clear to me: Hatred and trivializing issues (just by saying Upper Caste Modi ) doesn’t solve anything. It just reinforces your egotical purity that you are fighting for the depressed. In reality, the results are zero.

    msveda called me, “Upper caste hero”. My reply to that is (as usual On Internet, there is no time/space to check an individual profiles before doing name calling) is ‘dangerous idiot’. I don’t give a fuck what caste you are – you could be a dalit or you could be brahmin I don’t fucking care. But if your arguments are pathetic, you deserve to be proven wrong.

    Anyway, since I started this personal bashing (calling him “ignoramus”), I apologize.

    India is a unimaginably complex country with torturous past (from invasions from outside and social-caste conflicts inside). Everybody wants to have a peaceful and performing India. Sometimes, people offer idealistic solutions and sometimes people offer realistic solutions. state control of 125,00,00,000 is not just idealistic but also sheer stupidity. Without enterpreneurship and boost to manufacturing sector one cannot provide jobs and food to the people.

    Ideally, the concept of “Equal oppurtunity” looks nice. But how does one achieve it for 125,00,00,000 people? Who will do it? Don’t just blindly say government. A realistic solution with long term positive effects should be offered.

    @SI, Is there any iota of truth in calling you a hypocrite that you *seem* to be against development citing environmental factors but trying to enjoy the latest ipad while using room heaters during the cold winters? 🙂 I know there are environmental factors related to development, but Everything a man does have effects on environment ranging from Agriculture to Technology. If some development works effects environment, our goal, generally as humans and specially as scientists should be to do the same work using environment friendly tactics. Our Goal should not be *STOP Development*.

    Now, ripping apart msveda’s stupid arguments:

    1) Cool, at least you acknowledge that Modi is not Upper caste. It seems, you don’t understand the concept of “evolution” or “changing for the good”. RSS is one heck of a stupid organization – no doubt about that- but you should also see if they are evolving. 50 years back nobody would have guessed that an RSS could give an OBC prime minister to India. In 1930’s and 40’s, RSS was ruled by Brahmins. It’s not anymore. They have spread their shakas for the most part of India (including Tribals).

    Bottomline: RSS is still the stupid organization but my belief is it’s changing for the good. Consider the latest statement by RSS that it is open to debate the issues related to section 377 i.e about gay sex.
    If it doesn’t change, then we all Indian’s can kick it’s ass anyway.

    2) Moral relativism is not a great idea in all issues. The modern law is the result of secular ideas, logic and tremendous amount of struggles by women and depressed. Every nations’ law shall be on these principles. As long as laws are based on strong ethical and philosophical fundamentals, the question of “enforcing upper caste lifestyle” does not arise.
    i.e having a separate divorce process for Muslims and Hindus is plain ridiculous.

    3) you are right. There is an “Upper caste” gene embedded in 23rd pair chromosome of Upper caste women. This gene generates various hormones in the brain and make them havoc. Because of this, they loose property. You are so right.

    4) Indian way of life? what the fuck is that? If you don’t want development, throw your laptop away, go and sit in the jungle and make plans about cultivating food from the land. Every thing we have is the product of development (The cars you use, the ipads you flaunt, the new dress you wear). World economy is so complex that everything is inter related. You don’t want development? You are an Early man. No doubt about it 🙂

    5) That is the problem. What do you mean by “giving opportunities to people”? How shall we acheive it? India is itself a poor country of sorts. It will be sheer stupidity to think that governemnt can do a lot. Without Private sectors, India will go to the dogs. (Just it happened before 1990s).

    Why can’t people understand this logic: (simplistically put), to have a better life, we need to produce first. India needs to the be the factory of the world which could produce quality products. This generation might suffer because of factory laws or rich-poor divide. But the next generation will have a better life because the poor of this generation has a JOB in this hand. Employment and entrepreneurship s the long term solution for everything. While subsidies and state spending is not. The state should itself concern with raising the standards in Education and Healthcare. That is all.

    6) All the products you have mentioned lost out to competition. simple. The only way these products (AASAI candy for example) can come to limelight is through competition. There is no other way.

    We never had a manufacturing sector as vibrant and gigantic like China. We have so called useless environmental activists using junk scientific literature to oppose everything. yes, MNCs are there in India.. but most of the people say that it has opened India to the world.


    You write: @SI, Is there any iota of truth in calling you a hypocrite that you *seem* to be against development citing environmental factors but trying to enjoy the latest ipad while using room heaters during the cold winters?

    Good Lord, I’m not against development or business or gadgets or the comforts of modern life. Far from it, truth be said.

    It’s just that I’d like a modus vivendi to be struck between development and environment so that future generations do not hurl vile curses on their forbears (i.e. our generation for callous disregard toward those who come after us and making their lives miserable through higher ocean levels, forest degradation, top-soil stripping in mining etc).

    Some of the examples I gave like storage of nuclear waste are serious issues that require careful thought. I read an interesting novel (Want Not by Jonathan Miles) recently which is in part about the language to be used to warn future denizens of this planet of the hazards of nuclear waste since they have to be stored for tens of thousands of years after being entombed in large structures. Most sites on our planet are vandalized in a few hundred or a few thousand years at most (King Tut’s tomb lasted undisturbed only for about 3,200 years after initial vandalization) and 90% of the world’s languages won’t last beyond another generation. Estimates of the dangers to humans, animals and plant life from nuclear waste run from 10,000 to a million years. So how will you warn future members of the human race not to venture into that huge structure in the desert containing thousands of tons of nuclear waste when current languages might not exist and warning signs get eroded by wind, rain etc.

    Chew on that before rushing to build nuclear power plants.

    BTW, the Indus Valley script is still not deciphered and that’s barely about 4,000-4,500 years old. So it’ll be delusional to expect that warning signs on nuclear waste storage structures will be understood 10,000 years or 50,000 years from now (In the U.S., we have people from Sandia National Laboratories working on these difficult subjects).

    The concept of Development in the modern era is a tricky thing. Until fairly recently in human history, this notion of development moved at a glacial (very slow) pace but over the last few decades we’ve reached a certain threshold, a tipping point where the pace of development accelerated and is now very fast. It took the Homo Sapiens race 200,000 years to get to the car/automobile. But from the cars to aircraft, supersonic jets, spaceships and permanent space stations etc it took less than 100 years.

    Bottom line – The impact of past centuries of “development” on our age is marginal, insignificant but the impact of present “development” will be significant on future generations. So we need to exercise caution when we talk of “development” now.

    • Naveen   May 29, 2014 at 2:16 am

      The next rock from space will address all these problems. It is a question of when.

      SI – Did you know that sex guru Nithyananda has a Yoga Center in OKC? I have an itch to check it out 😉 Responds:

      1. Hilarious videos.

      Ranjita (2nd link) is “just a volunteer”…She is associated with a number of voluntary organizations….Christian missionaries are responsible, concept of Freelance volunteers. 😉

      I like the spirit with which Nitya & Ranjita deny the sex videos. Morphed!

      According to Nityananda, “Gay” is a gender (3rd video).

      Love the guy! 😉

      2. You write: Did you know that sex guru Nithyananda has a Yoga Center in OKC? I have an itch to check it out

      Not surprising. These people fall for all kinds of fake Indian “Swamis.”

      Of course, you must visit the OKC Yoga Center/ashram!

      You might learn some new positions that you can then share with deprived readers…I mean Yoga positions.

  6. msveda   May 29, 2014 at 2:22 am

    Mr. Anti-Poor “Twig”, How the hell you can do in competition if Government and Public Banks are willing to forgive Mr. Mallaya for his 1600 crore default and at same time, shaming Poor People by displaying their names in Newspapers for failing to provide 26000 Rupees educational Loan.

    So called competition only helps MNCs, you ignorant Twig. That’s beauty of Crony Capitalism, as MNC can produce better confectionary with excellent packing and market them at lower price, than Nutrine can do. You retard doesn’t know how Business works in India. Almost all the local players fail in India not due to Lack of Competition, but due to lack of Proper funds and Political Support.

    Did I ever told you to throw Laptop in Jungle, you ignorant dude. India is a beautiful place to live, only because of Unity among People of different classes and Cultural Identities. It is not possible in USA.

    Also, most of employment in India is generated through Unorganised Sector.

    If you go mad with development, how Poor People can afford good Education and Employment, genius.

    You are a Fascist in line of Hitler, Mussolini.

    Go and destroy all Forests of India and build your Super Luxury Apartments. To get employment, do Slave Job for MNCs. Responds:

    It looks like the banks are still after Mallya:

    But I doubt they’ll get anything from him. Indian soil is fertile for such rascals to escape.

    • msveda   May 29, 2014 at 3:43 am

      Before they explore ways, he will escape from India with his Son, girlfriends and Kingfisher bottles.

      The issue which made mad at him, is purchase of Yuvraj Singh for 14 crores in IPL auction, while not paying his Airline Employees for at least 8 months of salary.

      So much success for Privatization. Responds:

      True, Mallya put several Kingfisher employees and their families to great hardship.

      In a just world, he’d have been stripped of all his assets by now.

      But in “Mera Bharat Mahaan” injustice is the norm.

  7. Dr.Logu   May 29, 2014 at 2:31 am

    msveda, Though i agree with you on crony capitalism and its effect on the society as a whole. We must also note Nehruvian faux Socialism (which true socialists would laugh their ass off ) adopted by India didn’t produce any thing good for the country, all it did was unleash tyrants like Indira, Sanjay, Rajiv Gandhi’s dancing on the dead bodies of millions of Indians. Just in case you failed to notice vast famines, unemployment, poverty were rampant during that regime.

    I am not in favor of unbridled capitalism, as it often has the potential to breed excessive yearning, competitiveness, envy, resentment and passion among people across class barriers resulting in deep enmity and hatred and which could potentially could end up in crime. The more we promote this right-wing economics,it’s just gonna create a horrific Turd World shithole.

    As SI said with all isms they degenerate into unbridled versions of the ideology and with a degenerate nation of parasites like ours it gets deteriorated on a much larger scale.

    I disagree with you on the part where you accuse upper class women commit all sorts of sins, what we must understand here is crime or a sin is a failure to adapt to a model within a society, with a society like ours where there is no moral structure, every single soul is prone to commit a crime. These broken marriages, adultery are not exclusively rampant among upper class section. Just refer any newspaper, such things happen through all sections of the society. It’s the shitty media which projects crimes among upper class whilst conveniently ignoring the lower morals that we follow through out the country.

    Of course, what can we expect from a society who believe a dip in the filthy ganges would redeem all their sins…

  8. msveda   May 29, 2014 at 3:39 am

    Please replace 26000 Loan with 26000 rupees educational loan.

    Also remove all instances of word “IGNORANT” and “RETARD” from my Comments. Thank You. Responds:

    Sweetie, per your request I’ve replaced 26000 Loan with 26000 rupees educational loan.

    Regarding the words “ignorant” and “retard,” I’m sure Twig, Naveen, SI, Upper Castes, Brahmins, Modi etc can withstand those “insults.” 😉

    • boopalanj   May 29, 2014 at 7:51 am

      We’re living in interesting times of SI 😉

  9. Twig   May 29, 2014 at 7:56 am

    “You are a Fascist in line of Hitler, Mussolini.”

    That’s it. End of argument. I just hope that msveda sends his/her kids to good school so that they can learn proper logic.
    🙂 Responds:

    Interesting. I suppose they are true (the comparisons to Hitler/Nazis eventually in online arguments).


    According to your Wiki link, Godwin’s law is now part of the Oxford English dictionary.

    • Dr.Logu   May 31, 2014 at 10:45 pm

      Ahh true!! I have noticed it in many times when people find it hard to defend the defensible they usually usually retort with calling others as Fascist, Nazi…

      It seems, we can soon expect a law where people call others a “Namo”ist!!! Responds:

      I wonder how long the Middle Class honeymoon with NaMo will last.

      Plus, it’ll be extremely interesting to see how Congress will respond to being dumped in the wilderness.

      Since there are too many people in India with a vested interest in Congress, we should see some action fairly soon by the triumvirate of Rahul/Sonia/Priyanka with support from the Tier-2 jokers like Digvijay Singh, Chidambaram etc.

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